It was only a matter of time before the Twerk Team danced to Waka’s “Round Of Applause” video that shouts them out. Best believe Waka will have the Twerk Team in his official video for this song.Do you think this is their best video so far?

  • These girls do the same moves over and over…..Just get naked already!


    YES LAWD!!

  • I’m STILL the PRINCE!!

    Man ain’t No MF sound for 1. But this has to be their BEST VID hands down…it seems like my girl Lady L getting some meat on her. She started out slim when I first started watching them but she lookin Extra fine now. I always like twerksum azz but I really ain’t feel her like I felt Lady L. They did this here though. No doubt about it… Comin from a 3 year fan. I (Liked) almost ALL they Sh!t… I miss Betty Butt thou, she had mad skills

    • Blue

      glad to know I wasn’t the only one without sound

  • (No homo) Dey did they thang now I jus dont understand lady detroit she is hilariously stupid lol

    • prettyk

      yes that lil hoe is she look hella young she has NO ASS OR HIPS so i know she young it dont clap she studies twerksum if you really notice tattoes all her videos she wanna be twerksum SO BADD ..

      • Lol dont 4get tha hair, outfits,ect she so lame to me.

  • Do they make $ off of these videos??

    • prince_kosmic

      B strait, I have learned that it’s best not to even comment on a twerk team post. It would only be negative. For some reason I can’t separate the ass shaking from money making. They have their followers and fans, and you and I can just leave it at that.

      • Moose216CLEVELANDnukka

        Lmao!!! I agree with both of you kats. But Ive been wondering for a while do they get paid for any videos. I mean just doing them for Hood fame is sort of selling themselves short I would think. But that’s just my opinion. At the end of the day…IT IS WHAT IT IS. LOL.

      • jfizzle

        @bstrait, @prince, I’ve been saying they should sell ad space on their a$$es. They get like 150k hits per video. Put a Nike sign on the left cheek and Just do it on the right, LOL.

        • prince_kosmic


    • Not necessarily, unless they’ve put ads on their channel. But a lot of singers, bloggers, etc. get famous off their youtube, and therefore build a following and brand. That’s what they’re doing. Now they’re getting paid for their appearances at clubs, in music videos, and other bookings. I think they’re doing pretty well for themselves. And they’re fully clothed.

  • John Smalls

    The only thing you take from these videos is that whoever fucking these little jawns is having a motherfuckin PARTY!!!



    • Blue

      A Motherphucking Party fa real!!!!

    • cnitty

      Bet dat up!

  • queso

    To ms twerksum got at some movs for that ass lmao. Shorty a lil beast. This vid ain’t my fav but I ain’t mad at it. She get just a lil more meat on her ass she be a beast.

  • prime706

    i want to smash ms twerksum its something bout them sexy little gettho girls i like. in my gettho top ten she is #2

  • LouieV

    They goin for that bag like any other bussa

  • LouieV

    I wonder do these hoes do threesomes

    • I’m STILL the PRINCE!!

      That’s a GOOD Question!!

  • Red Of teamchocolate

    With all That dancing they do I Hope they are that skilled when riding the D

    They both can get it

  • ss3walkman

    For all that twerking they sure don’t do it in the d!ck.

    TRUST.. I know. Seattle!! South End!

  • Scola

    I love them good side piece to have

  • LouieV

    Next vid they should have on thongs

    • Poppichuloco

      Be patient the thongs are coming.

  • williedynamite

    lol @ the Mike Epps / DADA prison flick

  • Buy_Kurious_Guy

    Oooooohweeee, they know how to wurk day bootay! I likes….Lolz

  • iamme85

    imma kep saying this, why are they still doing these videos, youtube is not paying you are they? The need to just do special appearences at strip clubs, and that will put them over the top. I guess they have limits though

  • Do these chicks strip?? I’m not into strip clubs but these chicks need to be at Strokers or Pinups or somethin gettin’ some bread! Ms. Twerksum is right!