Tuesday’s Top 10 Homegrown Thickness

· February 23, 2010

It’s a slow Tuesday afternoon and I know some of y’all are happy it’s almost over. Here are some homegrown goodies to help wake up. Which picture is your favorite one?

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Discussion20 Comments

  1. BlackLondoner says:

    number 3 is on a next level of THICKNESSS.

    can a dog bury a bone?

  2. Exclusive says:

    Damn idk..its a tough one. So many to choose from. imma go with #2-massive baby-making hips, #3- 4 big asses lined up ready for smashing, & #4. Come on look her ass just swallowed up that stand..lol. You know what just throw all of em in the mix for good measure.

  3. BobtheBuilder says:

    #3,#6 Damn!

  4. daLt. says:

    1, 7, 9 and 3…in that order! Damn! …can I pick ‘em or what!?

  5. Cold and hot says:

    #3 That chicks body is almost perfect.

  6. dabricks says:

    good laawwdd #3 WHOA… lets see more of her…

  7. tas78 says:

    the last 1

  8. 7eleven says:

    u can dedicate a whole post to #3 hahz

  9. Prince of 412 says:

    Baby girl in #6 &#7 is wifey and #3 is the side piece.

  10. Kustom Made says:

    #3 is outrageous!!! Mane hold up!!!

  11. ollie montaine says:

    ONE AND 3

  12. uptown rza says:

    that chic on the couch is priceless …………..holla at me lost ur #

  13. Swerve_Diego says:

    # 3 all day

  14. t-tyme says:

    yeah #6 &#7 is the same shorty, but she’s the best one by far, nice body as well as a cute face!!!

  15. scog81 says:

    DAMN Hahz. You going in with these posts. #3 body is CRAZY THICK. GOD DAMN. The 2 chocolate & the sexy yella would get smashed in a hurry. #5,6,8 would get PIPED TOO!!!

  16. mobboss says:

    #3 and and both the girls in 9 are hands down

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