La la la la la bumba Tuesdays top 20 Latina home grown flix of the day. Summer is around a corner these se*y mama citas make you wanna take vacation to D.R. Which pics are your favorite ones?

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  • MICHAEL816

    damn i like them all

  • MoorFedayeen

    I’m starting to think latin woman are the best this planet has to offer. They make black woman’s bodies look a lil sloppy. When they take their cloths off they look jus as good as they did with ’em on. Number #3 has amazing size w/o the stretch marks. Yup!

  • jfizzle

    Shorty with the black cat suit is a beast!!!!!



  • WHOD

    these are the baddest bitches on the planet

  • I feel u jfizzle, the chick with the black cat suit is straight bangin

  • Polo

    @moor nah dem Latinos WORKOUT! Not lazy, n DONT just let there ass sell them! U see dem dancin all the time, n stayin active. Not just doin myspace modeling. Lol

    SISTERS step ur game up! WORKOUT/CARDIO/’s a lifestyle

  • jfizzle

    THe broads in pics 4-6 look like they would beat your pockets. Like you would have to take out a loan just to smile at them. LOL. They look augmented, but look tasted.

  • D

    yea i likem all too!!!

  • number 3 holla at me yea i’m single o yes i’m single lets make it happen mami

  • 4REAL

    I was crackn up last night when I saw Glen Big Baby Davis doing that shit… #3,4,12,14,16,18,19 ALL FIRE!!! 4REAL

  • prime706

    thats what im talkin bout dam all them fine. not a bad one in that group. 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 13- 20 .

  • Manny215

    @MoorFedayeen and @WhoD – I agree Latin women are the baddest on the planet, not because they work out exclusively, that’s not true. They just take the best of all diaspora: they get their bodies that we gloat over from Africa, their hair and blended complexion from Europe and Natives.

    But with all that said, their Men are the same, and you know what else…they love their men, more then they love anybody else…and what it comes down to it, black men are at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes dating preference or being attracted to. (Well dark skin black men at least)

    I am just like you guys I have an obsession with latin women, so much that i own x-rated domain names related to latin women, over 15 of them. but as i got older i noticed that even though I obsessed over them, that the feeling was mutual only sometimes.

    • MisterMidas

      Nigga you stupid as fuck if you think ANY shade of black man is on the bottom of the totem pole of being attracted to. I went to Brazil for 2 weeks last year with a box of rubbers and used up every last one of them shits. And all I can do is barely speak the slightest bit of Portugese, and Im a medium brown skinned black dude and had NO trouble pulling. Hell on the beach if you lookin right, they’ll step to you. You must be some cake ass fuckin wetback bitch boy or something, talking bout we are the bottom. If anything Asian dudes are, all them look funny and short as fuck. Black men are the damn “in” thing now, fuck you talking bout…stupid bastard. Btw, ALL these bitches are FIRE!

      • natisfinest

        yeah, i guess thats the only way you can pull…fly halfway across the world to a third world aids infested country and fuck prostitutes…some of yall some sad pathetic ass niggas…

  • LA_Filipino

    this is the best post by far!!

  • Hugo917

    3, 7, 12, 18

  • trap101

    you guys are right. they do workout. They take pride in their appearance, sisters? ………. that’s why this year has been a change up. Sisters? We Off that! around here.

  • Lovin all the pics, but love my sistas more. Not to take anything from the latina women, because the ones we see here are hot, but not all of them are as shapely. I think the ‘obsession’ Manny, Moor, and Polo has with latin women is skin tone, as is often expressed on this site between lightskinned and darkskinned black women. Been around the world and all races have attractive amd not so attractive women. Could go on, but why?

    • Hugo917

      exactly. i agree 100%

    • MoorFedayeen

      I agree. I prefer dark woman but I guess many of our woman are so fat because in every city, there must be a liquor store on every other corner. I call them poison stations because that’s all they are. Black woman were thin not long ago. It’s up to them to stop putting that trashin thier bodies. I’ll always love ’em.



  • *Right Clicks* *Saves As Picture* LOL!

  • DtownBiz

    Latin >>

  • halfmanhalfamazing

    give me #14 and #17 all day!