Top 10 Top Heavy Models Of The Day

· September 16, 2009

Every model doesn’t have a donk some are top heavy like these 10 beautiful women.Who is your favorite one?

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  1. laker1 says:

    How in the hell can u go wrong with either one? Gourgeous!

  2. Guru51 says:


  3. Xman says:

    all winers like lakers1 said

  4. 4REAL says:

    All NICE!! #4 & #5 ARE WIFEY’S!! 4REAL

  5. 4REAL says:

    My BAD #4 & #8 ARE WIFEY’S NOT #5

  6. 9 out of the 10 are a real good look. not feelin #7.

  7. 901 Gangsta says:


  8. Delia says:

    These girls don’t seem heavy at all…they look slender :/

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