The Arrest Video of NFL Player Sam Montgomery is Messed Up

· July 1, 2014


Former 3rd round pick of the Houston Texans and LSU standout, Sam Montgomery, was pulled over in South Carolina for driving 89 mph in a 55 mph zone. Then he was arrested. If you didn’t think you could get arrested for speeding, you’re not alone. Montgomery was also confused by his arrest. But according to a report found by The Big Lead, an arrest in an instance like this is “lawful at a trooper’s discretion at a rate of speed greater than 25 mph above the speed limit.”

For his part, Montgomery was cooperative the entire time, even after the cop, who has already been suspended over this incident, threatened to pull out his taser and never read him his miranda rights.

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  1. Greg4422 says:

    Yes you can get arrested for speeding…excessive speeding is called reckless driving”…In most states if you get caught going 20+ mph over the posted speed limit…don’t talk shit to the cops…be humble and you might still drive away with just a ticket…but if you act the a$$ you’re definitively getting booked into county jail

    • MoorThugRelated says:

      Nah. Reckless is like 110 mph or better freeway or not. Expect to get cuffed. Gotta a bro the state boys clocked him at 140 mph on his bike. They tackled him even though he pulled over and cut his bike off. It’s nothing more then crackas on they old sh1t, cracking heads for no good reason. 17-20 mph over is usually all cops pull folks over for is what I been told each speeding ticket I got. 5-10 over is cool

  2. M0311 says:

    You don’t have to read someone their Miranda Rights unless they are being questioned about a crime that was committed. Too much TV…..But on another note, this trooper was a complete dickhead! None of that was necessary. Write the ticket and keep it moving, it ain’t that serious.

    • Taper-g says:

      What????? Did u hear wht u jus said lol i guess u shud watch more tv then everybody kno’s when u gettin arrested police have to read u ur rights u fuckn dummy their your “rights”

  3. BzB says:

    blatant hateration. i’ve never heard of anyone getting arrested for speeding on the highway unless you’re doing like 100+ and driving swerving in and out of traffic or racing. this cop definitely wanted to teach him a lesson. good that he got suspended.

  4. terryplease says:

    “im in the nfl”
    “your arrested”

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