I seen this collision between T-Pain and Future mile ahead… they have a sound conflict. Any time you have some one who isn’t on that feels like some one who is on sounds a little like them in the rap game it’s a problem.

Jay-Z retired T-Pain’s auto tune hook career and Future stepped up and has become the “Hook” and “Auto-tune King” of Atlanta.
Future is singing on the hook of Ace Hood’s newest hit, Bugatti, which also features Rick Ross. Last night on Instagram, T-Pain popped some shots off at Future.

T-Pain posted the following diss about Future:Future’s big brother, Rocko replies on Twitter..

Do you think T-Pain is hating on Future?

  • Beasley

    Sound like hatin to me….

  • NYNY

    I like future’s autotuning better

  • Jersey_Mike

    Future >>>>> T Pain by a football field.

  • Sauced_Up

    T-Pain sounds bitter. But he has a point though.

  • MoorFedayeen

    It is a good point mixed with salt and venom. N1ggas take truth as hate. If u aint a Bugatti Boy then don’t rap that sh1t, point blank or get called out. I swear the first time I heard this track on XM the thought came to mind.

    Same thang folks said (or just I said) about 2 Chainz and that Bentley truck line. Its out, so go get that b1tch now. Otherwise stop flexin.

  • Pceezy

    @moor he just worded it wrong,,,, but this shouldn’t get outta hand or nothing

  • joe

    Both of them are singing but lack singing skills so mute it.

  • Who DA f*ck is rocko????

    • presto 2.5

      lol…dont ask me?

      @MoorFeen would kno…nicca never misses an episode of 106…lol

      i think i saw him hating somewhere uptop…

      • MoorFedayeen

        Lil n1gga I aint watched 106 since my10th grade year in high school. Y’all n1ggas know who Rocko is. He the cat that had the “Ima Do me” hit years ago. He fuq wit Gucci a lot and I supoose he kissing Future’s azz now. Lame

        • LOL @presto. Ok @moor I remember homie,he used to rock wit Monica right? Or was that somebody else LOL?

  • That Nigga rob t pain

  • Rodger Troutman invented da ish so why is T-Pain haiting. I though he was a professional.

    • Mister Mister

      Roger used the Talk Box, not Auto Tune.

      But T-Pain has had better songs & hooks than Future, so I can see a lil shade being thrown but Pain is the better one at using it

      • Talk box…..auto tune….same results.

        • Roamn

          is what someone who’s never used either, would say.

  • Fat_zakk