You remember that thick jawn Spicee Cajun from Hot 97 Summer Jam who’s booty got more views then the concert footage. Listen to her talk and watch her walk around some one’s house pretending like it’s her’s. Would You Hulk Smash or Roscoe Dash?

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Check out her video LMAO…

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  • Blue

    H2TFN…. I’ll take sum head tho….

  • DHaynes

    What did Eazy E say, ” She kept on comin becuz of Addiction, Legs on fire becuz of Friction!” That is a HOT DAMN MESS! How u gonna cap in Somebody else house. “Mad bread” in her purse was actually 3 ONE DOLLAR BILLS rolled up!! For Real!!! ANYONE for tha NY, she is misrepresenting ya’lls city! And as far as that video of her in that FIsh net… Give that Fish net to my home city (N.O. BABY) and we can take that to tha lake and go shrimpin or crabin! Mess around and catch FLIPPER or ORKA with all that net!
    NOTHING ATTRACTIVE about this chick… SHe has full lips, but that because her ass is just BIG and tha fat cant go nowhere else! She is a damn joke! You know, MY DUMB A$$ gave her too much play ALREADY! Scram, big a$$ Nutra Rat!

    • umbrook

      LMAO!! Damn, tell us how you really feel.

      • MoorFedayeen

        Dhaynes, you know I LOVE black woman to death but I’m racist as a Nazi when it come to black woman like this. Fat, loud with no class. Broads like this need their reproductive organs snatched out so they can’t further poison the planet with their offspring. Fuck this bitch. I wouldn’t have shit to do with her on any level.

        • lmao,yall crazy 4 destroying her like that!

          • Dubb

            No they aren’t. This bitch need to crawl back in the sewer with her fat nasty ass.

  • still118

    shes delusional. either she someone mistress or she runnin the best little whorehouse in east new york otherwise i cant c it. if u having gurl problems i feel bad 4 u son, i got 99 problems but a…ROSCOE



  • Tylerdurton

    I can’t stop laughing….
    Before I pass out from lack of oxygen – Dash (& hide) !!

  • Will

    You know I could probably smash if this chick stayed silent…but, of course, that’s not the case…I’m dashin’ like The Flash!!! I think those videos took some years off my life!

  • Ok, Ok, Ok! Not haten do ya thang. Fyi, turn the music down and swallow your spit then reupload. (Got it, get it and run wit it… PEACE)

  • she ugg but i kno she wud feen for a n1gga like me so i wud just nut on dat hoe

  • trap101

    Freeee Willyyyy!!!

  • EazyBaby

    “Check out my globe. This came with the house.” She’s hilarious.

  • Ron

    Yo, she kinda look like a plus size Eve (da rapper)

  • 2ScoopS

    “I’d rather beat my meat, musty ass pussy starvin dogs wouldn’t eat”

  • Nana

    i don’t really know why people Hate women who have the real femine proportion! you can diss her for any reason but certainly not because she has wide hips and a big booty. no male can ever developed these features so it’s obvious such a figure is strictly for females. she might be fat and over weight but so far as remains active means she still healthy. being over weight might be a crime but i don’t think that having a physique only exclusive to females is that bad. it’s not very rare to look like a real female. i’m very amazed how the media has succeeded in making people believe that a slender girl is prettier. her attitude might not be your style but don’t take the advantage to insult her likes who are keeping it real. it wouldn’t be a bad idea for her to shed some weight though!

  • Bobo

    I wud hulk smash it she’s dammm, fine

  • Jay king

    She ugly as f@ck looking at her face but her body is jiggly, soft and plump and id hit it from the back