Adult entertainer Pinky name was buzzing earlier Thursday on the social networks in regards to her having AIDS. Pinky wasted no time addressing the rumor be false that started originally from a iphone screen shot with no link or source other then Darren James being the one she contracted it from. That’s the society we live in, people don’t look for the source of the information just at the headlines.

  • She looks way better with her natural hair.

    • BigBlackDude

      @Aaron, true dat! She did a very good public service announcement, mean fuckers! She is a great entertainer!


    so that means that its not true because she made a video? would you take a pornstars WORD for that after all them rumors? not judging but im just using basic common sense do you think she would just come out and say she had it if it were true?

    • Without hardcore evidence, I’m taking nobody’s word. As far as I’m concerned nobody has proof that has come out to say that she has hiv, so if she’s says she doesn’t have then she has no hiv until a test comes out and proves otherwise.

    • MoorFedayeen

      Naw Swat, Pinky is actually clean. She ain’t swopping fluids with no one w/o a clean bill of health first. And even if she had it she couldn’t lie because there’s a central agency in Van Nuys, CA that alerts on any actor/actress when they come down with anything whether curible or not.

      • presto 2.0

        “…ok…LEX your next scene is wit pinky in 30 mins….”

        **Lexington Steele Voice**….”Oh…Helll Naw!…lol

        …”i guess she gonna be doing “toy” scenes for awhile….til shyt blows over…lol

      • prince_kosmic

        @Moor Can you verify that? Only Pinky can and to this point, she hasn’t. Just sayin…

        • MoorFedayeen

          Makes the most sense but I can’t confirm so I feel you. Hope doesnt. Wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

  • Pinky don’t worry about the evil haters, keep your heart to god, family, and your real friends and don’t concern yourself with the rest of these jackasses.

    • MoorFedayeen

      “Heart to god”?

      • Diddydollarbills


        • presto 2.0

          …yeah….really doe @Aaron…

          “she full of excuses….just like the rest of us…for doing what she wants to do in life…the sanctity of sexual relations is a thang of the past…self indulgence > morals 2012

          -EXCUSES USED-

          **PORNSTARS**….”everybody does it…i just do it on camera”…

          **Drug Dealer**…”i gotta eat fam…”

          **Gays**…”i was born this way”

          **@Fbi**…”i wear skinnies and thongs…to keep me in touch wit my feminine side…lol”

          • trap101

            @Pres….you really are one funny MF …..LMAO

          • badkitty

            no sin is greater than the other! Mathew 7:3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” 1 John 1:10 If we say we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us. so before pple start judging and saying mean things they should look at their own lie, its a sin to wish bad things on others, sure she is a porn star but who are we to say she should have aids because of it! and most of u with the negative comments have got to have watched her before to even know who she is! hypocrite!

      • Huh???

        Same thing I was thinking MoorFedayeen

    • Huh???

      Your entire comment makes no sense…AT ALL.

      FYI: God does not endorse the p0rno industry.

      • asadp

        FYI god only endorses jews

    • Inpac

      Did you just say keep your eyes on God…for Christ sake she’s a p#$n star…

  • Fantasygirl

    She looks lovely with dark hair, she needs to stick with this look. Also get her teeth done and she’ll be good to go.

  • LouieV

    I’m a true fan. She knows how to ride a joint. I fux wit the black hair too

  • Infamous

    Ah…Isn’t her name “Pinky”? She is a porn star so pink clothes wouldn’t give her an identity…the hair is the only thing she has on when she’s naked, come on people…

  • What she should have done was show that test result right there in that video..Like “see?”.Wonder why she didn’t?

  • BE


  • prince_kosmic

    Well, where are the test results? Until everyone sees test results, then she can’t possibly kill the rumor simply by opening her mouth. I mean, in the country we live in, as Hahz says, do pornstars have that much credibility? Just sayin!!!

  • BzB

    come on yall, it’s mathematics.

    this porn chick done smashed the equivalent of thousands of dudes. every dude she done hit raw has had sex with how many other women and/or men raw.

    it’s entirely possible she has hiv (not aids) and it hasn’t shown up on the tests yet. even if it ain’t hiv, it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to know she got a grab bag of stds up in there.

    i wouldn’t smash her double strapped up with yalls dik!

    • The amount of people you have sex with doesn’t mean you automatically have aids. P0rn stars are probably the most tested group of people. You can be a virgin and have sex with 3 people and catch aids its the luck of the draw.

      • BzB

        of course the amount of people you have sex with doesn’t mean you have aids.

        however, it does exponentially increase your risk of contracting hiv or other stds.

        pron stars might be the most tested group of sexually active people, but i’d wager they also have the highest occurrence of stds (not just hiv) among any group of sexually active people.

        • KinOfTheVolturi

          She has openly talked about her contracting other STD’s in the past. Why lie now?

  • asadp

    if it was true it wold be in the news. every porn star that gets aids form another actor/actress always makes the news .

  • Greg4422

    If she ain’t got it, she’s a lucky bit*h, she’s been rolling the dice on that sh*t for a while now.

  • david ely

    So Ummm where is the paper u jus talkin show proof

  • Pinky actually looks pretty damn cute….

    • She looking kinda sick to me in the eyes.But she could be just tired.I still need to see that paperwork.Plus add to the fact that she ain’t been working with any other studios other then her OWN production which means she is not required to take a HIV test..Just sayin’

  • this nasty bitch prolly has aids and anal warts and lesions all over her cervix. God is not gonna bless her crop if all she reaps is sexual immortality. Not throwing shade by all means but I cant stand mutha fuckas that tell tell bitches like this to keep they’re head up smh


      Sumbody sounds mad lmao!!!!!why dose it bother you so much??

  • DrtyRed

    Pinky is a grown ass woman. If you ain’t f#@kin’ her, then you shouldn’t worry about what the f##@$k she’s doing. That’s what’s wrong with the world…everybody wanna tell somebody what God said…but ain’t none of you talked to God. God still loves her and doesn’t want her to die, you worthless ASS WIPE. There are a lot of people “Sport F#$in'” and they’re not getting a dime. If this is what she choose’s to do, IT’S HER F#$NG LIFE…You just live yours…Now get off the computer and go suck on that D#$k of that no good #$#$ man of yours who’s out here #$#’ everything walkin’ raw (without a condom)…And to you dude’s…That nasty b#$#h you met last week that’s f#$#in’ her “REAL MAN” and other dudes raw and you still be eatin’ her p#$y and ass like it’s food…Stupid judgemental Mutha F#$#a’s…


      LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!damn,you said it better than me!
      Sounds about right!

  • Bobby boatmon

    Baby I love u pinky

  • huhuh

    i dnt believe her

  • smh


    Thats was sup Mrs.Pinky .. Keep fucking the shit out them niggas and getting tht Bread…I am happy the Rumor isnt True

  • Redd

    Her eyes look dark around the bottom… Don’t look to healthy to me Pinky..

  • So did she retire are not?

  • justin

    did she just say she gone go hard at everything she do? i want to see that

  • Rene

    I wish pinky would stop hoeing. She is good at it and is fine, but she needs to stop before she starts looking busted out.

  • Keep your head up Pinky I got some free beats for you holla at Blaze at

  • Patronia Flame

    If you have unprotected sex,you run the risk of HIV/AIDS. That’s a no-brainer. Also… most cases such as this one…it’s easy to believe due to her lifestyle.To each his own but my dear Sweetheart,test results would have help to aid you in your…PUT THE RUMORS TO SLEEP BIT…And for the record………..WHORES GET NO LOVE IN THE BIBLE………….IJS….BEEASY

  • Crystal Clear

    Show us the papers prove it is all I can say