Peyton Siva has been celebrating the Louisville Cardinals National Championship win by defeating the Michigan Wolverines 82-76 since last night.

Siva had 18 points and 5 assists some thought he was going to get the MVP. After the game, Siva thanked God, his family, and his girlfriend in his post-game speech.


That speech caused adult star/vixen Jenna Shea to go on a twitter rant about Siva and posted private text messages they’ve had through Instagram and Twitter.


According to Shea, Peyton has tried to meet up with her several times despite having a girlfriend. After the game, it was reported that Siva had 580 text messages and 196 missed calls. Shea posted the screenshots and decided not to blur out Peyton’s personal phone number.


I don’t feel sorry for him cause this is what Jenna does she is the modern times Superhead with the way she puts the guys she smashes on blast.




  • seattle slim

    She butt hurt cuz he shouted our his main chick lmao she got hearts by siva name so you know she felt some type way. Sideline jump offs play your position!

  • hahahaha,when will we learn fellas? if i ever cheat i want the next one to be an upgrade,or atleast know your role smh,siva will be aight though. he was on his d-rose last night anyways.

  • too_funny

    This nicca has no Text Game.

    But in general Game is not to be spit, i mean texted to a women.

  • BullnBearHP

    Did I miss the memo on Jenna Shea being a dime? Dudes be losing their mind (and wallet) over her. Why? The white Superhead…lol!

    • Mister Mister

      Yeah & these dudes should already know she got loose lips. I’m sorry, but the puzzy & head can’t be that worth. You can find that anywhere

  • desolation

    this bitch is trash for real.I’m mean what does it prove that the nigga was chatting you up tryna get some ass (surprisingly w/o trickin i guess) . That’s what dudes do. Hoes so uppity nowadays, and they got no reason to be.

    Second, man that hancock kid deserved the MVP.

    Third, Hahz, please cut an IT guy a check to fix your site, b/c it’s always something going wrong on here.