Pebbelz Da Model Bodied Those Spandex

· September 9, 2011

Pebbelz Da Model found some spandex strong enough to hold that donk in place long enough to go to the night club. You know when you took those spandex off at the end of the night they never stretched the same again. Would you have holla’d at Pebbelz that night?

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  1. REd says:

    That don’t make no damn sense since……….Fake asses Disgust Me with a passion.

    Them other two chicks can get it

    Pebbles need to be poked with a Yarning Needle right in the ass

  2. I would cause she really do have a cute facte though

    • B strait up says:

      I agree pebblez never was a ugly girl,its just that she went sooooooo big in the azz she’s looked @ like a circus sideshow now lol,still smash tho

      • presto says:

        “fake azz eeeewww!!!”… fuk the non-sense…im hitting wit a smile on my face…so let the fronting continue!…lol….am i in a post full of women or white men or what?….lol….jus kidin fellas!…to each his own!

  3. Deeman92 says:

    Man if i could i would bang the hell out pebbles!!! Fake or not and those
    with her in this pic bad too!!

  4. queso says:

    I don’t get it…if u gonna go the fake donk route at least do it to a certain extent where u got dudes wondering if its fake or not ex “lastarya” all that extra fake ass is highly unnecessary.

  5. realtalkldn says:

    This woman doesnt appeal to me in the slightest, this is just ridiculous and completely unnecessary

  6. doeboi(schoolcraft) says:

    She got a cute face so she can get it! Her friends is bad especially shorty with the blond hair

  7. Vinny Vegas says:

    I dont give a f*** what y’all say, I’m hittin that LMAO

  8. Michael816 says:

    Of coarse a nigga would fuck. But any chick
    With a fake ass should be embarrassed

  9. seanjohn100 says:

    She disgusts me but the name of the article intrigued me

  10. delvin says:


  11. real says:

    i’ll pass on her but the redbone HULK SMASH!!!!!!!

  12. Torres, M says:

    Pebblez looks DISGUSTING point blank period. Light skin shorty on the right tho >

  13. TYBO2020 says:


  14. ShowYAkNOW says:

    sh!!!!!!t look stupid take that monkey sh!!!t offf you embarissinnng us

  15. Ryder says:

    Man her ass is an Epic Fail.

  16. Cold and Hot says:

    She fine as hell facially but she gone have to find some spanx to keep all the silicone in place as she get older. Her light friend body on point though, see how the thighs match.

  17. mr.portcity says:

    Her friend to the rite is myamme or however u spell that sh*t hahz posted her once before…I wonder if pebblez azz feels hard and heavy

  18. ed says:

    It’s a whole crop of ladies in the ATL who are now bigger than Pebbelz.

    I remember Pebbelz walking by me one day as if I supposed to notice her and I was just thinking on something else. She does have a real cute and pretty face but again, she got some competition out there now.

    There is a real difference between an injected and real behind during sex…especially during the winter…

  19. DJ284016 says:

    hell yea she did

  20. Jeremy says:

    They all badd!

  21. Downbydariver says:

    Yea i’d werk fuck it…

  22. gphi says:

    Nope, knowing that her donk is fake is a turn off to me. The lad on the left in the black tube top & white shorts is more my type anyway. PEACE!!!

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