Pawg Of The Day: Missy Nev

· April 25, 2012

Wednesday’s pawg of the day ti*le goes to Atlanta’s own model Missy Nev. You probably seen Missy serving the VIP tables in Velvet Room night club and didn’t realize it was her. Missy is down south thick for a white gal. Are you feeling her?



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Discussion65 Comments

  1. 850 says:

    got dayum she’s thick. She has to be from the South somehwere. I don’t do white women but I’ll make an acception for this one.

    • DatPiff says:

      She looks like she could be Erica from the Bad Girls Club sister or something. Nice body, but Coco and Amazin Amie reign supreme in the PAWG department.

      • 850 says:

        @Datpiff Amazin Amie is straight but I’ll take Missy-Nev over all the women that u just names. Coco had to much work done on her. If you take her then u might as well take Sarah jay. But Missy-Nev is super straight to me. I knew she was a southern girl. She’s bad tho I can’t take it away from her. Fella’s calm down with the harsh comments lol.

        • DatPiff says:

          @850 Coco opened the platform and made it possible for all these PAWGS to come out of hiding and embrace their large a$$es. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY can do the poses or take pics like Coco does. Missy Nev maybe on the come up, but best believe Coco is the Whitney Houston of PAWGS!

          I will say besides Coco, Amazin Amie, Lindsey Sebastian, and Missy Nev have the best PAWG bodies though. But facially Missy Nev looks like Jayonna Fabro in some of these pics and Erica Lynn from Bad Girls Club in others.

          • treydarealest1 says:

            you mean mannly looking in the face ?because them white chicks you just name look like men

      • playboy69 says:

        Joanna Shari do it better..than Coco

        • FLEEZUS says:

          I concur sir…with Joanna, but let’s not forget Jayonna Fabro too…Jenna Shea, Johanna Shari and of course Jayonna Fabro…are my faves. They bad. Oh, and honorable mention Laura Dore… :D

    • WHO IS REX????? says:

      AND 1,8FIDDY

    • satch says:

      that is all day in seattle…… that type of white gir

  2. realtalkldn says:

    i remember the second to last picture but didnt realise it was her cos of the hair colour, shes got a great body on her! – not the best facially but i dont think it would stop me from getting at her


    • 850 says:

      @Ward she’s looking better than all the girls, she’s in the pics with. Including Halle305.

    • crabs says:

      @ward – thats prolly not too far off from what white boys say about our women that show up on their websites. most white and asian cats got no love for a brown skinned woman with curves. but i think for them its a little dick syndrome. you need length to smash thickness and white boys dont have it. they like the skinny white/asian azz cuz the twat is right there. with sistas you got to be long diking to smash it right.

  4. JJ says:

    Hmm interesting. Don’t do white chicks tho, ya’ll have fun

  5. GQ says:

    “My milk of magnesia. Oh! After the devil made you, he broke the mold.”- Preach lol

  6. WHO IS REX????? says:


    • 850 says:

      @Rex this here is Southern style. A white woman in the Chi built like this? Please she’ll starve herself for months just too loose all this sexiness. And not realizing what she has good for herself.

      • WHO IS REX????? says:

        SO TRU,8FIDDY there is a market for these type of chix here inna chi,a lot of brothas here would b on her azz like stank on shhhh,lol…

  7. cadillacgrease of BP says:

    what’s with all these i don’t do white chicks? u muufkas crazy..and wit azz like dat! gtofh!

    • Red Of Team Chocolate says:

      everybody ain’t a house negro like ya’ll boys over there at BP Corp

    • Simba says:

      Eh, I’ve lived in several places of the globe. White women just don’t do it for me. I can however recognize when one is “thick” but it doesn’t translate into it meaning she provides the stimulus necessary for me to want her.

      The fact that you deem a nicca that doesn’t do white women “crazy” shows you’re not very educated. Every monkey has its tree. White women just happen to not be mine.

      Do you partner.

      • Man we don’t need a speech from u @simba aka al sharpton LOL. I’m rolling wit my mella @Cadillac, if ur a dude that likes thick women period….u smashing this white girl. And liking or smashing white chicks doesn’t mean ur a house Negro @red velvet. Yall better roll with this BP machine or get rolled over LOL

        • uptownrae says:

          @RED & simba you need to try some pawg meat some day you mean to tell me you never found none of them to be attractive ,at all I dont care if your nightcrawler blue if you sexxy your sexxy color should’nt be an issue.Sound like some ol’George Jefferson shit to me.That ol militant Al Sharpton shit been played out …………get out ya box

        • cadillacgrease of BP says:

          *throws up tha corp* @ Bstrait! i’m keepin it 100..this is not a seminar for the self conscious Simba..i personally d.gv.a.f pimpin..this site is a just another playa thing to add to my well educated sucessfull daily life bro!..u TC cats be layin up over there watchin soaps and the Lifetime network, eatin fig newtons..ya’ll so sensitive..get out and go fuc sumpin..lmao!

  8. 850 says:

    Yo hahz, where’s my other white girl @ Mallory Malloy? Now that’s a true pawg their. Y’all can have Ms.Logan,Amazin Amie,Coco,whoever. But none of them are messing with Mallory Malloy & Miss-Nev these are my two pawgs.

  9. queso BP.1 says:


  10. crabs says:

    thats some nice thickness! peep her getting her TRX on in pic 16. i would mos def put some game down on this PAWG.

  11. DCAssLuva says:

    never heard of her she a phat!!!!! white she looks better than rose devine rose nose is Fu*ked up i never noticed it until somebody said it on here

  12. Red Of Team Chocolate says:

    Not into white girls

  13. WildWild says:

    Hahz I gotta pawg that’s thicker than her joe… How can I send in the pic & you can decide? But I must say that dress on the beach… she got that mf looking like the liberty bell or sumthn the way the azz poke out in that one

  14. TYBO2020 says:

    YEP YEP..

  15. desolation says:

    I’m not racist but i’ll pass on this broad.

  16. Angry_Man says:

    She is thick for sure, but I don’t pollute the temple. Just kidding, but you all can have the white girls. You can have the sisters too, I’ll just keep my queen

  17. cameo says:

    Man, don’t make more of it than what it is, “CAN I F**k or what ?” That’s all she good for, some doggystyle ! Her face is ugly, so I’ll keep her bent over ! NEXT !

  18. trap101 says:

    First the Bria picture no this one, @Hahz you really tryin to stir the pot today eh buddy?….Google Analytics must be doing a web page hit count today or something, you making sure the traffic is coming in here. lol……….

  19. she’s good to go. bp corp #1 draft pick for sure

  20. wobeli says:

    nice frame

  21. MisterMidas says:

    Ddaaammnn, I saw that first pic on another site earlier this week and been looking for more ever since. THAT white chick is supa thick….she’d get holla’d at on site, and piped down like a certified plumber!!

  22. None ya!! says:

    Man yall are stupid ive been dating my white girl for two years. Its not about color you ignorant bastards. I’m from south carolina and met her in Seattle. Bottom line women are women dont matter!

  23. QuaiQuai_20 says:

    Yeah. I really love PAWGs!!

  24. Bigpapi3 says:

    That white girl is hot & sexy & can get it day and night. I’m sure she love the Blk c^ck

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