Adult entertainer Melrose Foxx homegrown Twitter pics. Melrose looks like she was having fun with that stripper in the champagne room. Would you wife a po** star?

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  • Chicago “Blue” Green

    Hell no… Ok wait Asa Akira or Lily Thai I might reconsider but Hell No! No offense to n e body, but this chick don’t look all that (I have to see her action) she look like a reg chick from the hood selling azz for gas. Once again no offense to her fans, just my thoughts man, just my thoughts.

    • Chicago “Blue” Green

      If you can Hahz and she has some pics check out Mya Lovely…

      • moorfedayeen

        I LOVE the fact that she aint got 100 misc tatts like so many other stripper/porn chicks. You know you a bad momma when the white boys use you in their films. She one if the nicest in the biz at the moment although that aint hard to be wit all these rats on the loose.

        • moorfedayeen

          Hahz, I know it wasn’t nothing real crazy but I know you was amazed, as I was. “Who the hell knew India was holdin like that?”. I think it would make a good side piece with the real “D” of the day. See what cats say about it. lol

        • jfizzle

          Bro. Moor I usually agree with most of the stuff you say but….look at the pics above shorty got some tats, and almost every black chick in porn does movies with white boys, its the white girls who get to chose to do IR porn

          • moorfedayeen

            jfizz, I should of made it more clear. You right most get hit least once by a white dude but I’m talking about the farely high budget white films where there’s acting involved and IR isn’t the subject, just nice girls-The $200,000 and up budgets. Only the nicest & cleanest looking blacks get chose for that. You never saw Cherokee, Beauty or Skyy’s fat ass do one scene like that. All low budget sh*t…or low budget IR.

          • jfizzle

            Yeah I’ll agree with that

  • basedworld emperor

    i would wife a porn star,half the chicks i date get f*cked like one so why not. a few others such as lacey lipps,roxy reynolds,cherry blossoms,kapri styles,sophia costella,,just to name a few

  • Ms. Melrose is a sexy lil foxx,i personally luv the thicker chicks but I would definitely smash her lil petite ass. She always been a nice lookn chick. I couldn’t wife her tho,it would b too crazy knowing ur wife get pounded by different dudes with 9inches & up for a living. And to b able to see her in action on the net anytime that’s mental suicide hahz strait up! Make ur money lil lady & i’ll keep watchin you lol

    • Ricky

      I would but she would have to retire first.

  • Cold and hot

    Damn everybody strippin these days lol.



    • moorfedayeen

      You must of not seen that flick she shot with Jack Napier (I did!) and it wasn’t nothing nice. All you could do is rub against one of her walls after what he did to her. I wouldn’t have that problem cause I aint a lil dude 😉

  • DHaynes

    Just knowing your WIFE (Not your side piece) is having her Kat Beat up DAILY by someone else would do me in! No, would not wife a porn star. With the collection of DIC#S in their lives, I would really have to think about hittin one as well! Some of them chicks have stuff that can burn right thru a condom. Didnt Pinky say she has had over 15 STD’s… The more I think about it, HELL NO! Like T.O. say, “I LOVE ME SOME ME!”

    • Cold and hot

      Damn you make me want to buy a body condom after this lol.

  • jfizzle

    She is definitely a fine lil piece of caramel. I would try to do circus tricks with her lil ass, and I hope the dudes that said they would wife a porn star are joking. Can you image taking her to your family reunion and your Uncle Snookie got her latest flick cued up for later. Naw not the kid.

  • clyde dreskler


  • mr.portcity

    Pornstars get too many stds hell rumor has caviar just caught one from justin slayer the claymida…plus ur ol’lady coming home after being nut in and on all that without using any condoms…man look at any chick new to the game watch how she starts to go down hill…imagine ur kids coming across ur chick getting rammed on the net and friends finding out I can go on but enuff

  • Big Baby

    Imagine her coming home trying to kissing you after she swallowed like five niggas kids today hell naw i wouldnt wife a pornstar.

  • tim

    The broad got magic lips. She is pretty damn shame our pretty women
    are doing porn. She had a big fail at anal. White dudes tried to break her. I would take her out. I would like to see what’s in her head.

    • DHaynes

      I can tell you where her head would be… On my abs!! While her lips are wrapped around Superman, and the Wonder Twins! I would NOT take a Pornstar out NO WHERE! Well, maybe to a ROOM, just to hit! I aint tryin to Dr. Phil no hoe and try and find out, “What event in your life made to step into the Prn life?” I could really care less.

  • NOPE!!!!

  • ginobli

    nope but i smash the hell out of her

  • Melrose Foxx is a cute chick, but NO I WOULD NOT “wife” a pornstar. PEACE!!!

  • ld4644

    She got some of the nicest DSL’s I ever seen.

    • DHaynes

      I agree… Looks like she could play the hell out of tha Meat Flute!

  • jerseybrotha

    This chick is nice but I wouldn’t touch her! Saw her in a scene once, getting gang banged by a bunch of rednecks! Doing porn is one thing, but have some f#ckin pride!

  • williedynamite

    She is a very pretty girl…would I beat? hell yes!….would I wife? hell no!…now if she has a identical twin sister who aint a hoe…then we can talk!

  • Spanishfly

    Don’t get me wrong she hella pretty , and eben though porn is entertaining its sad to see women on bang bros and ghetto gaggers and that other easy fast money shit. Thats why im scared to have a daughter cause even if you brought her up sophisticated and w. The finer things womem will still take the easy way some way SOME HOW smh.

  • fukdatgetmoney

    all i know is..i saw her in one of the head clinic dvd’s and she is a monster wit the head game!!! TRUTH!!!!!

  • hell yea i wuld wife her n a min she fine ass hell nd 1 of my favz..

  • mal617

    niggaz wife hoes everyday, cuz she a p0rnstar shouldnt matter

  • poo 911

    Well no doubt she is a bad. lil chick i think i would jus like to have her ss a friend who would let me hit it hwhen i need its jus fucked up how all these. nice lookin hoes doin porn but then these tricks act like they dont suck dick but ifi had to pick one it would be melrose or italian blue