Meet the San Diego native who attended Howard University, and has transitioned from adult films to EMS work to modeling.

Most men and some women will not admit they know her – and most will be lying. Because even firefighters that Lauren N. Woods was in the academy with, they know her. The thing is, they know her only as Michelle Tucker. They have seen her nude, having steamy se* on film. On top of that, they probably remember the outline of the African continent on her, let’s just say, Lower Right Back Side.

“It was a trip,” she said, speaking with DX‘s Beauty & Brains over the phone from somewhere in L.A. “I mean when I went in there, everyone knew who I was and everything.”

Woods, thus, is a study in notoriety. That holds true for all who have dabbled in that shady corner of the entertainment business, though. Woods, however, stands out not because she has a compelling story about why she got into what mainstream considers filthy business. Or because of her unique look, performance on camera and just her energy. There’s a certain tenacity to Tucker that is simply not found in most people. Also, Woods is simply more intellectual than most adult entertainers – no matter how gorgeous she is.

Born and raised in San Diego, Woods decided to take a gamble on the entertainment business one day and it led to her trying – and liking having se* on camera – which she proceeded to do for one year before bowing out. While some po** stars spend their money on designer bags, jewelry and cars, Woods pursued an education all the way across the country, at Washington D.C.’s Howard University. She quickly figured out that the HBCU world wouldn’t exactly welcome her with open arms – she was on a “po** scholarship,” so to speak, after all. Although she dropped out of Howard and began working at a wine brokerage – she’s become a connoisseur of wines – she began looking for another challenge and found it when she trained for and became a paramedic. From there, she applied to a fire academy and went through a battery of written and physical tests, only to be denied at the end because her background didn’t pass the muster of the administrators at this particular department.

At the time of her Beauty & Brains interview, Lauren N. Woods said she has been modeling with her clothes on for more than year-and-half. With a ‘been-there, done that’ outlook on urban magazines, she is in full-fledged pursuit of a mainstream career by modeling for lines and people that are not exactly of interest to you, DX reader.

As Woods’ photos will attest, she is still beauty with brains – just not beauty who gives brains on camera any more. Get your mind of gutter, slime.

Beauty & Brains: For starters, I see you have an 858 area code. What’s your connection to San Diego?

Lauren N. Woods: I was born and raised in San Diego. Both of my parents are from L.A.

Beauty & Brains: Tell us about your background…

Lauren N. Woods: I played sports my whole life. I went to college, Howard [University], and was in the adult industry. That’s actually how I got to Howard. Then, I worked on an ambulance for three years, and I’ve been modeling for about a year-and-half now.

Beauty & Brains: The black side of the adult industry is small as compared to the industry as a whole. What was your stage name?

Lauren N. Woods: Michelle Tucker.

Beauty & Brains: How does someone like you get into the industry? You said you were playing sports your whole life, and were a tomboy.

Lauren N. Woods: I know everybody’s story is different. I really needed the money for school. I just happened to meet somebody who was in the industry at that time. And, at the time I was in San Diego, working full-time, going to school full-time, I was waiting after work one day for class to start, and I was like, let me call that person, I know they said they’re in the entertainment industry. I didn’t know what exactly he was doing, they didn’t really tell me. But it was true. I ended up coming out to L.A. and coming out on the set with him, and it all went from there, really. In the next few weeks I was shooting.

Beauty & Brains: How long were you shooting?

Lauren N. Woods: For a year. A little less than year.

Beauty & Brains: Through all this time that you were shooting, you were also going to Howard?

Lauren N. Woods: I started before I actually got there just to get my money up and when I was at Howard, I was shooting as well, flying back to L.A.

Beauty & Brains: Did you get a degree from Howard?

Lauren N. Woods: No, I actually left school.

Beauty & Brains: How was your experience at Howard?

Lauren N. Woods: There’s different aspects to it, I loved it culture-wise and I love my professors. But, honestly, I didn’t fit at all. I was in the real world, a totally different world. It was interesting, but I totally didn’t fit in there.

Beauty & Brains: So you dropped out and what was next for you after that?

Lauren N. Woods: After that, I went to work for a wine brokerage for about a year – and that was interesting. I learned quite a bit about wine. After that, I went back to school, I started working on ambulance for three years, I became an EMT. It’s cool, it was interesting, but it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I went out for the fire department, did training, interviews, the different written and physical tests, [only] to be denied at the end because of my background.

Beauty & Brains: Seems like you’re not afraid of taking on challenges and risks.

Lauren N. Woods: Oh, definitely. It was a trip, I mean when I went in there, everyone knew who I was and everything.

Beauty & Brains: So now you don’t have to take your clothes off?

Lauren N. Woods: Really, it’s now as mainstream as possible. I’m really trying to stay away from all that, like Black Men’s and Show magazines. I probably shouldn’t say that. [Laughs] No, I mean, fully clothed mainstream stuff. I’m really looking forward to getting into fitness modeling.

Beauty & Brains: How’s that going?

Lauren N. Woods: It’s been going well. Just stuff for Cookie Johnson (Magic Johnson’s wife), her jean line … I am also working on my own look book.

Beauty & Brains: What are your thoughts on Hip Hop as a culture and on Rap music?

Lauren N. Woods: Oh man, Hip Hop as a culture, that’s really the culture I grew up in. It’s like life for me and people around me. My thoughts on Rap (pauses) … you know, like I said, it’s a part of my life. I love Hip Hop.

Beauty & Brains: Do you keep up with trends in music?

Lauren N. Woods: A while ago I just really stopped listening to the radio, because I thought there’s a bunch of +%$%#@!+ on. I like some underground artists even though they’re now not so underground, Immortal Technique for example. I like stuff with a message. I love Nas, I always loved his music.

Beauty & Brains: So you like substance in your music, have any opinion on Wacka Flocka Flame or Drake?

Lauren N. Woods: I’m not going to knock anybody. Wacka Flocka [Flame] I can’t even speak on, because I don’t really even listen to him.

Beauty & Brains: Do you “Toot it and boot it” and know how to “dougie”?

Lauren N. Woods: [Laughs] I hate that damn song. You know females need to come back with their version, their own comeback to that. Dougie, now, that’s cool. I can get with that. I like E-40 too.

Would you wife her now?

  • jfizzle

    @Moor, I was wondering what happened to her, now we know

    • bighomie53

      @jfizzle,, I was wondering the same thing because Michelle Tucker is nice looking & thick as hell!!! Plus she knows how to get-it-crackin on the sex-tip…

    • moorfedayeen

      Yea I knew she was ok. She got a YouTube page few know about that I use to trade private messages every few months back when I use to go on YT. No more YT but I asked her what she was doin and she said pretty much said the same minus the wine part. I never bothered asking for the # cause I knew I wouldn’t fly to see her. It’s a shame. Looking at those business pics, she could of made a hell of a wife. Beauty, personality and brains. Forget the fact that she did porn. I can’t help but picture the scenes where she took on 2 guys. Only a simp would wife that now.

      • moorfedayeen

        Here it is. Much like my page, her page has little if any activity. She uploaded a few pics and vids straight from her cell phone so you know it was her. Its only one vid now. She deleted the rest. Why? Idk

        • pimptyght

          she recently posted some twit pics showing that azz (with no African continent tattoo). It was the azz only, so it was something that wasn’t too far out there. Regular chicks are doing that. There are millions of women like her who did p0rn, stripping, hoeing, etc., who only did those things for a little while cause they needed the money. It’s not like it’s Nina Hartley or that dumb broad who ran for Governor of California. IF everything she says checks out, I would cuff her cause she a hustler. Marriage? I certainly would be in no rush to do it. She has taken about the same amount of d*&ck most chicks her age have gotten. And we all know women over 23 like raw di%$ck with a man they have been with for over 30 days. Real Talk!!!

  • queso

    As I was trying to read this story my mind kept flashbackin on that fat round ass she got. One of the fattest in the industry. Mad soft too.

    • jfizzle

      @queso, that’s what them cats at Howard, at the Winery, and on the ambo were thinking too!! LOL

  • Top$eedz


  • joed

    and she got the braces out.


    she looks like a real woman with real ambition thats wassup wifey material

  • Top$eedz

    NICE & No wouldnt wife. Jumpoff YES!


    Wish her good luck,but to me it’s sounds like she is on i285 she got on at Bankhead headed south went all the way around and now she by cumberland mall headed back to Bankhead where she started

    • still118

      LOL…right back to bankhead!

  • ThatGuy

    I fully believe in lifestyle changes and reformation. I mean, she looks like wifey material, but I couldn’t go there. How do you explain that to the kids? I mean, in all likelihood, your son will be looking at porn by age 15. What happens when he stumbles on mama’s movie? That adds a whole new connotation to the term MILF. *Vomit!* And how do you explain the importance of chastity to your daughter when mom is going reverse cowgirl on camera for a few grand?

  • pimptyght

    She absolutely gorgeous with clothes on. I would not be able to recognize her, for real. She has a LONG ROAD ahead trying to lead a normal life, but it can be had. If she only performed for one year, then it’s not like there are 1000 scenes with her in it. Good luck to you boo.

  • trap101

    i mean good lcuk and all, but one common theme keeps on coming up, ur past career, and if u really wanted to differentiate urself from that black cloud in ur past, u would not try to acknowledge it. but hey from all those choices she made she’s ended up “modeling” and we all know modeling don’t pay well……so guess where this story is going to end back up i’m sorry to say….but best wishes

    • trap101

      shit i think i’m gonna go to xvideos right now.

  • Mike Lowrey

    In terms of her appearance and mindset she’s wifey material. Its terms of her past not so much so. Truth be told we all know some h#es who’ve done/does worst and don’t get paid for it. At the end of the day someone will wife/save her….that @#$ still fat tho.


    now she looks like someone who’s ready to turn her life around, i honestly didn’t recognize her in these pics as im use to seeing her in her birthday suit lmfao

    wish her luck, but will miss that a*s

  • huhuh


  • Chi Capitan

    I met Vanessa Blue some years back, and during our conversation she mentioned the common misconception most have about porn stars. She said that she didnt have sex outside of her scenes except for with Lex Steele who she was dating at the time. So with Lauren only being in for a year, that doesnt seem to be all that bad. For most of them, its a job and nothing else. She seems like she is focused on other things now and isnt trying to look back down that road. We all make mistakes and have pasts, whether it includes promiscuity, illegal activities, criminal backgrounds, player tendencies, cheating, lying, etc. Its just that our pasts and mistakes arent available at the local adult store…

    • presto

      lol…yeah @CHICAP….this is what i try to tell dudes on ANS…we judge all these broads like we know them personally…not on just looks/body….cant judge on personal shyt cause we really dont kno what kind of grind these chicks are on….if hahz would have posted “would you smash”…alot of catz woulda been bashing her cause of the porn ish….yeah she fly as hell…and yall woulda gave her that….but the hate would be coming down like 100% chance rain…cause she loves sex and was getin cake doing it….us not knowing how intellegent she really was…good shyt hahz….to keep us focused!…**MOM DUKES VOICE**…”BOY…stop judging books by there covers!”….lol..

      • ooh wee,yall boyz done took the wolfpack to church lol…..*preacher voice*……”can I get a AAAAAMEN!!!!”……lol

        • sw.atl.made

          what is there to judge shes is letting dudes go raw,go anal,bust in her face,and having sex with random dudes on video for money. What else do you need to know i believe in people changing but its some things morally I cant get past maybe others can but not me,Im sure its females whom ive met that do the same thing but its a major difference to have knowledge of this and to speculate

          • presto

            if a chick was to judge me cause of my past sexual encounters…i wouldnt get no “lovin” ever!!…and i did it for free…lol…just like most of you and the ladypack included….its better put…that most cant handle the facts…that we are all grown,horny,and have done stuff(sexually) in our past that would be considered freakish….if not you aint livin son!…lol….we want to live in a “fairytale”….and the really real we sweep under the rug…..and @sw.atl…leting dudes go raw,anal,facials,….applies for most chicks..not only pornstars…and i would rather have the knowledge than to ignore it….you take a chance wit everyone you lay wit…..**DYME PIECE VOICE**…”I USTA HAVE SEX FOR MONEY”….**PRESTO**…”and i still have sex for free”…who’s winning?….to each his own

        • trap101

          I hear what y’all are saying and it’s good that she’s trying new things, but the difference between the average bird that’s been hoeing around and her is that her skeletons are documented and are going nowhere in the near future. We all accept the fact that if we want our own private freak to wife up that’s she’s going to have some years of “practice” under her belt. But with her it’s kinda hard to get over the fact that when u type in her name in google that the first link u get is to xvideos and it’s of her gettin rammed by two dicks………i’m just sayin I know i cudn’t let that go.

          • Chi Capitan

            @ Presto, I’m with u. Plenty of women love anal and faceshots etc. I dont get what the big deal is honestly. Not that I would go out seeking to wife a former stripper/porn star, etc. but if one came around and she had her head on straight and is driven and intelligent, then why not?? If she is bringing good things to the table and can pass a drug and std test, go for it… I can understand if some cant get over the thought of it I guess, but Im just a person that tries not to judge. Im not without sin so Im not gonna cast stones. And I wouldnt be intimidated at the fact she had so much D, cause I know how to lay mines too!

  • plummer

    she is so beautiful

  • ShowYaKnow

    might have to slide to xvideos

  • cj

    damn yall like 2 years late with this story

    • williedynamite

      lol. right…but some catz didnt know yet

  • When I first saw her I was like damn…her height and looks were a great package … pretty girl gone bad but just on looks alone she is the sh*t

  • tony
  • SupaFly919

    i remember jacking my dick off to her she had a nice african tatto and her booty was huge and amazing im proud she turned her life around. If i saw her right now i wouldnt be able to tell congrats to her thoe

  • Jake

    I hope it work out for the girl, society tends not to let go of your past when it doesn’t agree with what they think is the social norm. I going to miss that phat a.s.s!

  • BlackLondoNer

    Can’t look at her without picturing her on her knees waiting for that jizz.

  • Really cool

    Damn this woman is sexy. To bad any man with internet can enjoy her.

  • d
  • I wish her much luck & success at all of her future endeavors. PEACE!!!

  • HoesBoreMe

    Yeah still can’t see myself wifing a chick EVERYBODY knows has been ran through by EVERYBODY.

  • crabapples

    being that i am a pervert i have seen pretty much all of her videos. she is fine as hell and that jiggly azz and height and cute face make her an instant winner in porn.

    i wish her luck, but if i saw her in person i’d definitely chat for a bit but wouldnt be trying to fuk because who knows what kind of microscopic baggage she is carrying.

  • r3llim

    Unless she did Ghetto Gaggers, (which I don’t think she did) I agree with some of the dudes above. She really didn’t do anything to horribly scar her image as a woman. So of us know chicks that have done way worse off film. I hope she gets her life together. As long as she didn’t degrade herself and got pissed on or something then it was basically like she was caught having sex.

  • mike

    she can come southbound to adamsville, or skip a couple of exits and take it to greenbriar. I would be waiting on her, let her be my girl for 5 days, then drop her off back to bankhead.

  • D’mage

    (HOLD ON TIGHT TO YOUR FEELINGZ)Note to the fellas: If a women new everything about u she would prob past…(everything checkout, letz go)

  • ETO

    She has a beautiful spirit

  • DCAssLuva

    damn she lied about alot how she go from lauren woods to michelle tucker where that name came from lol

    and she said she played womens college basketball at oklahoma i think she could have took over p*rn that booty was something serious once the scenes out there on the internet its no hiding it u might as well keep doing it

    whole time she was in my city went to howard and i didnt see her damn!!

  • Yoga Flame

    I was always disappointed she never did anal :/ Her ass was so phat, just wanted to play with it haha

  • kushcloud

    i would most def wife..brains & beauty

  • YesIdWifeher

    I would’ve wifed her then.. she has phucked less guys than the girls you think are out here being “Good”. Just cause you don’t see it don’t think your current, your next and your ex aint king like porn stars

  • YesIdWifeher

    I would’ve wifed her then.. she has probably phucked less guys than the girls you think are out here being “Good”. Just cause you don’t see it don’t think your current, your next and your ex aint phucking like porn stars

  • 787b1

    You can’t wife a hoe, that’s against the rules

  • Guest

    She seems amazingly normal and well adjusted for someone that was in that industry. She’s also tall and gorgeous which makes me wonder why she didn’t get into mainstream modeling? I prefer the curly hair too but beautiful either way.

  • Lickity Splitt

    I’d still smash but commitment? Never.