Sources confirm that Dream Chaser’s own Lil Snupe died this morning. He was 18. An initial report on AllHipHop stated the Lousiana artist was shot and killed. While there are no concrete details as of now, his manager sent out a tweet confirming his death.

Snupe impressed Meek Mill by passing off his demo to him during a tour stop in Louisiana. In less than an hour, Meek gave him a call and signed the young upstart to his Dream Chasers roster.

“He was in a van, they was finna pull off. And I went and knocked on the van, on the window. They let the window down, grabbed the mixtape and it was like 10 minutes later, 20 minutes later they called me,”

Snupe told MTV News in April.

Lil Snupe joined Lee Mazin, Louie V Gutta, Goldie, Jahlil Beats as a flagship artist for Meek’s record label.

RIP To Lil Snupe…570945/photo/1

This the nicca that killed him, just 12 hours prior

Lil Snupe Freestyles on Cosmic Kev

  • damn..son was about to take off too..RIP

  • Bob

    Another idiot gets himself killed. Oh well he would have been just another wack ass rapper messin around with Meek Mill. Dunno why people say RIP tho. When you dead you aren’t at rest. LOL.

    Black culture needs to change. These youngins actin so foolish. SMDH.

    • Greg4422

      damn son that’s a little harsh…a 18 year kid is dead…have some respect for a fellow human being.

      • Bob

        Man I got empathy for people I feel for em. But when someone does something stupid am I supposed to ignore that? This is not like the Trayvon Martin case of an innocent unarmed child peacefully walking home and being hunted by a psychopath. NO. The case around this one is different. This “Lil Snupe” kid hanged around hardened killers and dudes who wanna act “tough” He chose that life and he reaped what he sowed. Just another Lil Jojo type murder went down. Sad.

        • Jay smith

          What he do stupid ?he was killed by someone envious of the progress he was making,a neighborhood what was he supposed to do never talk to anyone he knew before he started rapping ?dat dumb comment makes me thinknu ain’t read ahit and jus left a comment..let dat young man rip fuck boy

    • You don’t even know him and you calling him a idiot watch your mouth show some respect dumb ass you got me pissed

      • Bob

        Your pseudonym on here is Zion….. I’m pissed. Idiot. Respect for what? This dude got into some dumb shit, got into the wrong crowd and got killed by an older gentlemen who is a hardened killer. The killer is even sitting with him in the photo. GOOD GODDAMN MAN! This dude practically set his dumbass up for murder. I give no f@#ks. If he aint die today his ass woulda died another day off some other bullsh1t. Especially fucking around with Meek Mill and co.

        • MoorDetroitRed

          Bob has a point. These ppl that end up like this are usually never innocent. That’s the point I made in my post

    • Wow. That sure is a broad brush you are using to paint a picture and make your point. Let’s start with “Either they listen to it, perform it or make the music”. If listening to it makes someone a low breed, then we are all low breeds. Trust that there is a white grandma in Alabama that listens to hip hop. It touches almost everyone and almost everyone listens to it or likes at least one song.

      Secondly, you haven’t touched on the root of what caused, as you say, a ‘low breed’ black. Lets start from the beginning, blacks were sold and shipped to AmeriKKKa and enslaved. Beaten, raped, lynched and made to think they were less than human. Once freed, they were given less rights, less education, less access to jobs and segregated. Their neighborhoods were infiltrated with drugs and weapons. The government encouraged the break up of the black family through welfare and other means. This weak foundation from which our African American ancestry was started still resulted in a strong race with talent that, despite its hinderances, far exceeds that of its counterparts. One of these talents was that of music. How dare you knock brothers trying to pull themselves up out of a bad situation wihin a society that gives them less than equal or fair chances from the get go. The real low breeds are the evil ones who initiated the circumstances to create less than desireable individuals. GO SOMEWHERE with that Bullshit you simpleton.

      • Jay smith

        U sound stupid’s rappers that don’t curse,it’s rappers that graduated college,it’s rappers that make positive music,it’s gospel wtf are u talking bout ?..this has got to be white people playing around,can’t be black people being this ignorant

    • Bob

      LOLWUT? Please step away from the co-sign form I don’t want your name near it. Hip hop/rap music was invented by low breed blacks?………. GTFOHWTBS! Not to mention by the ignorance in your comment you know little to nothing of the history of hip-hop music.

      • jamarxyz

        +1000….i must be a low breed…we’ll probably all inherit the earth,while the high breed gets the phuck outta here…

    • reefmoney

      He was murdered over a video game bet, you know…like you and a friend playing 2k12 and yall bet on the game….stuff that young men DO EVERYDAY….

      what about black culture of playing video games need to change?

      I understand yall point but this is not the situation to make it in.

  • MoorDetroitRed

    Exactly, another idiot gone. Besides bull$hit beef over someone’s baby mama I was boning, I’ve never had anyone, that I know of ever wanting to kill me. Look at him in the photo; nuff said.

    • Jay smith

      And I’m pretty sure u haven’t seeing that ur probably some nobody who sits behind a computer all day ..anyone who is known is a target,because they feel u got something they want..actors,rappers,singers,ball players

  • Old skool quote

    RIP this ish need to stop. U wonder y old heads get at these young broads cuz there a few black youngn’s left.

    • Cakes(shake responsibly)

      No old heads get at young broads because theyre creeps..and this is def sad another young life gone another mom crying

    • MoorDetroitRed

      That’s a pure myth. The number of BM dead or locked up is small compared to the number that actually exist. Quite a few white males die in NATO lead conflicts, car accidents, drug overdoses and abroad out of country but some how black men are going extinct.

      Don’t drink the kool-aid.

  • Diamond Jackson

    Race Has Nothing To do with Anything stop being such an ass hole. Smh this makes me dislike some white people I’m mixed with black nd white. I’m not racist please the racism needs to stop OK Yes it’s alot of black on black crime but some of Y’all white folks are rapist nd shit Y’all are No better then us .God created us all equal. With that being said RIP

  • Kdot

    Damn RIp

  • D_boi

    That nig who bodied him look like it could be his uncle smfh… Sad **** mane

  • Spurs #1

    f@cked up smh

    • Realtalkin


  • Eddie F

    the nicca who shot him was playing 2k with him earlier

    • Bob

      And that’s the fucked up shit right there. Why was he friends with a hardened killer? Shit is sad. Our young black children aint being raised right. Personally I don’t even think black folk should be having kids until we get our priorities straight until we build a strong black nation with a firm moral backbone. Since we lack a strong nation with a firm moral backbone, black youth are being senselessly murdered over nonsense often by other black folk. This pains me greatly.

      • Jay smith

        Is hardened criminal ur new word ?u keep throwing it around,u prolly got a killa u hang wit that ain’t killed u yet cuz u ain’t got shit..da man was killed by someone he new who his whole life,how was he supposed to no his friend was going to kill him..

  • Mo

    snakes be camouflaged in n1ggas circle.

  • Kdot

    stay away from Dice

    I honestly never got the appeal of gambling or even playing the lottery, and I damn sure wouldn’t trust random hood n1ggas enough to gamble with them

    • MoorDetroitRed

      Boy so that’s how it happened???? Yea like Kim said “Dice games kill more n1ggas then cancer” and its true. When u enter prison the COs brief u on many things and gambling is one of them. He asked for it.

  • seattle slim

    Bob needs to go get a fuck!ng job! You commenting too much son

    • Bob

      I’m on vacation you fool. And I can comment how ever much I like. So piss off. I’m commenting here cause this story affects me. I personally know of young kids who got their lives ended the same way as this kid Lil Snupe. So forgive me if “I’m commenting too much” Idiot.

      • Cakes(shake responsibly)

        Lol let him know Bob

  • seattle slim

    So go write a book or something use your vacation time and go mentor some kids lol n!ggaz love preaching on the net. Rip snupe rip to bobs keyboard his vacation will be the death of it

    • MoorDetroitRed

      That’s all you got? That’s a weak retort. Bob makes a point. Ppl need to start calling these idiots out on their lifestyles instead of standing around praying and holding candles. Knock on wood none us will die like this because we ain’t in that life. But I still keep something filled up with defensive grade ammo cause jackers kill anyone whether they thuggin or not. I’m out.

      • @moor get off Bob’s nutz, AND WIPE YOUR MOUTH. are Bob.

        Anyways Bob does make some good points, but the way you going about your message makes you look like a b!tch looking for attention. Speak your mind, but NEVER disrespect the dead. You say we are a lost race, well the sh!t you saying is not helping our cause to uplift our race.

        • Dam just listened to him flow. Kid had some talent too. Dam Shame RIP

          • MoorDetroitRed

            Angry Slug is back!

          • I never left..And for god’s sake wipe your mouth!!

  • ginoBrown


  • theone

    I am with Bob on that one. You live by it and you die by it.

  • reefmoney

    1.) he was not engaged in any “shady” activity that would warrant him getting killed

    2.) if the guy in the pic did murder him, that does NOT justify him getting him killed

    3.) black culture does need to change but that does not change the fact that he didnt deserve to die IF it was a direct action of his doing

    4.) you sound like a fucking idiot if you automatically dismiss what could be AN INNOCENT SLAYING and/or BULLYING by the gentleman in the photo.

    you’re throwing the baby out with the bath water, I understand all about black culture needing to change….hell i have a separate blog on black people protesting a white cop killing a black kid but nothing when black kids do it so i am with you on changing the culture

    but to call this now deceased kid an “idiot” and “so what” is callous, and uncalled for..your point gets lost in ignorant comments.

  • 1luv

    I am late on this discussion but I will out my personal thought out here. It does seem like black on black crime is the elephant in the room. Like another person said, it’s easy to raise hell on a cop or someone from another race that murdered a black person. But when it comes to black on black crime, where is the hell raising at other then the relatives of the dead?

    Another issue is the fact that most people who here about murders do to the dead wanting to live that street life and say that person was should have never tried to live that life. Yet, those same people are bumping rap music that is glorifying street life.

  • Amber

    Hold up thats my fxcking blood and u talking bout hes a fuking idiot u a f#$R@#ng idiot he was killed over a dice game but he didnt know that he was around a killer plus they was just sitting there playing agame on th fxcking xbox yall people pissing me.The fuck of none of yall dont know wat u talking bout so just shut ur mouth up so u afreaking idiot dis was different shxt this aint no trayvon morton this some lil snupe stuff if u dont have nun.good to say dont say shxy at all

    • +1 amber. These dudes don’t even know what happened and they saying good that’s what he deserve. That’s fuccd up, these niggas hiding behind a computer talkn shit about a young dude who just lost his life. Y’all trippn for real

      • Realtalkin


        • Jay smith

          Ignorant,at da end of the day it could of been anybody..Up and coming rapper,meaning he didn’t make enough money to get his family out the hood yet,and that’s very dangerous..he was just cut down by someone jealous of moves he was making..And police said there was no dice game,dude jus killed Him prolly for the lil money he had,in a couple chains

  • reefmoney

    He was murdered over a video game bet, you know…like you and a friend playing 2k12 and yall bet on the game….stuff that young men DO EVERYDAY….