Kandi Burruss, the newest cast member of the hit reality show, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” is coping with the tragic death of her fiance, A.J., who has been featured regularly on the show.

Burruss’ publicist, Lisa Nelson, confirmed to WSBTV.com reporter Brian Johnson that the incident has left the Atlanta housewife stunned and speechless. Nelson, who represented Burruss during the taping of the show, told Johnson that the family is asking for privacy during this very difficult time.

Burruss, an award-winning singer-songwriter and former member of the ’90s R&B group Xscape, has had numerous disagreements with her mother on the show over her relationship with A.J.

Atlanta police told Channel 2 Action News that A.J. received a severe head injury from a fight at The Body Tap Club in the 1200 block of Marietta Blvd. in Atlanta.

Police didn’t have a motive for the altercation, but the investigation is still under way.

Stay tuned to WSBTV.com for more updates on this developing story.

Meanwhile, police have arrested a man named Fredrick Richardson and charged him with voluntary manslaughter in relation to Jewell’s death.

According to reports, Richardson is in the hospital recovering from injuries sustained in the fight, but will be jailed upon his release.

  • This is so sad, I hope they find out who did this, & put ’em behind bars. R.I.P. A.J. PEACE!!!

  • PLK

    Thats crazy I was just updating my RSS feeds and I refreshed and thats the 1st thing that came up

    Damn homie… they say he was a street kat in ATL & he had a lot of kids thats fucked up

  • Reek

    And what’s really bad is that Kandi was already goin’ through the drama of family being hit by a drunk driver.

    Unfortunately, Kandi’s Mom was right, in the fact that AJ was not not the best guy to bring her happiness.

    The sista doesn’t deserve all the pain.
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  • Cease

    Body Tap is going to get shut down for good the community already wants to build houses on the properity


  • zone6

    its fucked up didn’t this dude have like 6 kids?

  • trapstar_1


  • Atlien

    Damn son. R.I.P.

  • King


  • probowl

    I’m surprised that now that AJ died, it’s come out that he was a promoter at Body Tap. Before last night it was always speculation about what he did. Kandi had to know he was a promoter so it’s like then why couldn’t you just stay that. I know it’s not the best profession he could have picked but it iz what it iz if that’s how he made his money.

    But now I’m beginning to see that perhaps Kandi was honest with her mom or her mom had a clue and that’s the reason why she dint want Kandi marrying this dude. I mean I never had anything against dude cuz as long as his money was legal…which is still pretty suspect…then they all grown and can handle their own business…BUT!!!

    I’m sure Kandi’s mother is really blown cuz she know what she was tellin her daughter was not just some foolish intuition.

    I still think it’s an aweful tragedy but that’s why you can’t be dealin with people who deal in certain industries, and the stip club industry has nothing but dirty sex, drugs and violence associated to it no matter how much revenue it brings in on the legal side.

  • lurker

    heard he was part owner of the body tap strip club?

  • Ice

    life is too short!!!!

  • sassy_chic

    Her mother said, I’ve never been moe sure about anyting ever in life.. I remember that episode, I watched it with my mom. She said then that there is something to this..

  • ga_peach

    Essence.com Interview

    Throughout the show your mom has expressed her discontent with your fiancé. Does she still feel the same?
    Yes, but what people don’t realize is that my mom’s [disapproval] happened before the show. When she feels strongly about something she won’t answer my calls and she gets very dry and everything. My mother has been overbearing since my brother died in a car accident…

    Speaking of which, inquiring minds want to know what exactly does AJ do for a living?
    AJ over time has done a lot of things, including running this collection agency while we were together and he just recently bought into this strip club.

  • cmc98

    My sister asked me about AJ dying last night. I told her that it was probably a rumor. OMG, I didn’t even know he died.


  • Ms. Tuck

    I pray that healing takes plce for Kandy and her family. Nene Leakes, I hope your husband Greg is not involved in Strip Clubs. I would hate to see you have to suffer similar pain.

  • G

    FuKCin strip clubs.

  • Champ

    Yeah that’s what I’ve been hearing as well…Kandi kinda has a thing for the “street” type from what I hear.

    For those that don’t know Big Block, who owns Block Entertainment (Boyz-n-the-Hood, Young Joc, Gorilla Zoe), is the father of her daughter.

    I have a feeling this is probably gonna make her re-evaluate the type of cats she fucks with from here on out.

    I’ve had the opportunity to work with her and meet her a few times though. Nice girl. My condolences to her and her family. R.I.P.

  • Saint Louis V

    WOW !…..

  • WOW This is so sad and I was watching him on tv on Thursday. I hope the murderer is put in jail for life. I pray for kandi her family his family and his children. RIP AJ. I wounder how Kandi mother is feeling now she use to treat aj like crap.

  • Sashai

    Her Mom was right because he died at a club? That’s a little weird. A lot of ppl go to the club so that means we are saying that anyone who goes to the club must be a bad person and shouldn’t be allowed to get married. Anyway, she obviously loved him and regardless of what her Mother said– he made HER happy, which is really all that anyone should care about. Who are we to judge?

  • adrodiva 32

    My prayers are with you and your family Kandi. God bless you.

  • TD1981

    I hate that Kandi has to go through such a tragedy. She was already dealing with the drunk driver situation and yet another one that is going to hurt her even more, because it was her better-half and soul-mate. Kandi my prayers are with you and your family. Please stay positive and classy. You are MY FAVORITE on Housewives and I would not watch one episode without you. You have a lot of love from me.

  • Don don

    Damn it’s so sad how a life can get tooken away by the blink of an eye!!!! I jus heard this news and I was almost in tears…. I knw candii is goiin threw it rite now but one thing I knw is that God has a plan for her…. Rip AJ I always thought that yu and candii would work out!!! Candii sty classy and strong….love ya

  • the truth babi

    i heard veronica ol gurl that owns it had a lot to do with it she used to be some big time chick back in the day they were prob screwin and her man got mad a killed him it was premeditated a mob approached him outside the strip club i hope they find who did it and check her ass out too R.I.P aj one day you are here and the next day you are gone

  • Prince of 412

    Damn son. R.I.P. A.J.!

  • natalie

    Isn’t it ironic that both Kandi and Gretchen, who were both new cast members to the real housewives, fiances both passes away?

  • Tye Tye

    He wasn’t stabbed…