Hey everyone, it’s Rasheed Lateef of atlnightspots.com and earlier this week,I had to chance to catch up with Houston model/vixen Jhonni Blaze and chat it up with her about a couple of things.

RL:Good evening,Jhonni. How you been?
JB:I’ve been great,just touring alot.

RL:So,i’ve been hearing from people that you’ll be out in Houston turning up on All-Star Weekend. Is this true?
JB:Yes,it’s very true i’ll be at Fetish,Dreams,and Scores. I’m doing all the clubs lol i love money and my fans so it works perfectly.

RL:I know you’re a New York girl and you’ve lived in Houston for a while.
Just how different are the two cities to you?

JB:NYC is always live,it’s fast,it’s about money and etc. Houston is the same way but it’s alot more layed back,live city and great people but more chill i love them both.

RL:I’m sure some would wanna know about your recent video regarding the Twerk Team.
Could we see a Jhonni Blaze vs Mizz Twerksum video soon?

JB:I’m about my money so if we talking MONEY then we can talk

RL:If i were to ride around the city with you,what albums/songs would be in rotation often?
JB:Future,2 Chainz,Sade,Rihanna,etc.. I love a lil bit of everything.

RL:If you don’t mind,for the uninformed. Could you please tell the folks
out there what your measurements are?

JB:my measurements are 34-26-46 hahah yeah im a thick one i guess..

RL:”Seeing how Valentine’s Day is slowly approaching,what would you expect
from your man to give you that day besides chocolate,roses,and a sweet dinner?

JB:I’m simple..i like to relax and just be with the person I’m with show you care by doing what you feel is good for you.

RL:What’s your shoe game like? Are you big on Jordans? Nikes?
JB:I’m a big shoe head i love different weird shoes hahah that’s just me.

RL:How many times a week do you workout? I know some ladies are already
getting their bodies tight for the spring and the summertime.

JB:I work out three times a week with a trainer. I love to work out it’s good for you and it makes people and my fans see that i’m doing it the right way.

RL:Who’s that one person in your life that makes everything seem right in place?
JB:God of course but my mom or either my close friend H-Town Ciara. She always talks to me about the right things and supports me.

RL:Have you ever had one of those days or moments where you feel like “man,i
never want this day or moment to end?”

JB:Yes,all the time I mean,time is everything honestly it never goes fast or any slower.

RL:What can we expect from Jhonni Blaze in 2013?
JB:a lot more front covers,alot of work traveling to different cities,and focusing on showing others how to go from hustling and grinding to excel your career..the sky’s the limit

RL:Any shoutouts you wanna give to anybody Jhonni?
JB:Yes,my family,DJ Kayslay,Vicious Models,Miracle Watts,Treasure P H-Town Ciara,Diamond,Lira Galore,Molo,and TRP Gang.

RL:How can the people contact you?
JB:email for bookings at bookingviciousvixens@gmail.com or follow me on twitter @jhonniblaze


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  • Ooooh check out my man @sheed getting his Kay Slay on LOL. Damn I didn’t know she was holding a 46 inch hip/azz combo on her,that’s crazy LOL. Good sh*t @sheed,keep up the good work homie.

  • judge joe brown

    Good job pimpin…now ask the dang on frealy dealy? You know we want to lmow dangit

    • judge joe brown

      Damn thats freaky deaky

  • presto 2.5

    ok…i see you…what was that a Twitterview?…LMAO!…nah kid’n fam…you kno me…lmao!…good work G…MGC asks for Butter…We get Butter

    **Hands @LaTeef Envolope**…”It’s only half doe…dem questions where whack bruh…step it up!”…lol

    **Prest’s first 5 questions**

    1. “Thongs or Grannies around tha house ma?”…lol

    2. “You kno these niccas bout to get them taxes?…is this your peak season?”…lol

    3. “Can you tell a broke nicca as soon as he walks in?…if so how?”…lol

    4. “If a nicca only got $100 dollars to throw in da club…why not jus throw the hundred dollar bill right…why the ones?…what you think?…he shouldnt even be there anywayz right?…lmao!

    5. “Are you jus taking advantage of the Thirst?…if so…is it ok to say “The Thirst” pays your rent?”…lol

    • presto 2.5

      Shouts to the dude @Queso…nicca probly snowed in wit something serious…lol

      MGC…”Its jus what we do?”

    • Lmao @Presto. “Tax return season” got them strippers eating good

  • Mike Lowrey

    @Rasheed mad propz. Definitely need better questions tho but you did good.

  • kb3040

    Congrats man…look forward to your next one…maybe a video?

  • MoorFedayeen

    Man you was cool @Sheed but you aint scratch the surface. N1ggas wanna know what more on the x-side and whether she even like n1ggas. She sound typical though. Said money 10 times and there were only like 7 questions. And aint no way she almost 50″ in the azz. She more around 40.

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      lol @moor and @Sheed i see ya playboi, props playboy

  • Voice_Of_Reason

    Great Job Sheed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • god


    • That’s how they get $$$

    • Realtalkin

      what a stupid question

  • edo

    Houston model/vixen????? She is from Queens, NYC

  • edo

    I have see that ass in person/public, its Huge

    • 1luv

      Well then I have to take a look when she come down here for the All Star Game.

  • Realtalkin

    Nice interview. I didnt think thats 46 inches of ass though it looks more 42-44 but she still a bad joint. Props to Sheed