Vixen Tokyo is a se*y girl with a brick house body. Here are some photos of her as well as her magazine spread. Her measurements are 36-30-40 in case you were wondering.. She also was shaking that donk  next to Kendrick Lamar.

She’s a World Star Honey, of course.

“That wasn’t the real Sherane, but it was a great clone of Sherane for sure,” Lamar told MTV News about the video that features his real life father. The “Compton” rapper  also noted that the real Sherane is excited that he put her in a song.







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  • Simba


    • President Ward

      When did they release u from juvie? @Simba

  • President Ward


  • blizzy

    2 thumbs up….. thyck wit it .. gif made my afternoon

  • Newyorkvixen

    DAMN !!!!!!!!!!!! Asain bombshell. I love girls who are shaped like that , with big calves and thunder thighs , I guess cuz that’s the way I’m shaped but I find girls to have body’s like that is more appealing !

    • Cold and Hot


    • lazarus

      Ocular proof, @Vixen. Ocular proof……………wit a donk shot …..Plzz

      On behalf of the up-standing gentlemen of The “Pack”, we thank you.

    • 850

      @NewYorkVixen please dop a pic please.

  • Southwestern

    I seen her a few months back and was like damnit man. Nothing better than a Blasian I been saying. She’d be damn near perfect minus the silly eyebrows and tattoos. Wrong measurements too Hahz. She’s closer to 36DD-25-42+.

    • Mister Mister

      I agree

  • Realtalkin

    Yeh she is definately nice! Liking her alot

    • queso (The corp)

      No doubt..shie fire kid..where my nicca @WILDWILD at? this up his alley right here!

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    she decent, thick and exotic too much airbrushing but baby girl nice

    • MoorFeen4Lorraine

      Its no white in my cup bro. She too light.

      • @moor4lorenzo, nigga please!! If u too proud to hop off of ur chocolate horse to rock with this chick…..ur gay!!! #period……no maxie pads

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  • lazarus

    3rd nsfw is fire. wondered who that was in that k.lamarr vid.

  • Big ALbert

    Her body>>>>>her face

  • mr leftfoot


  • 828jeffe

    A1 I was wondering when she would pop back up after Kendrick video.

  • Playboy69

    Tokyo is nice!…. She get it anyday of the week!…She gets the 9 Card!

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  • RED(Corp)

    She can get it

  • She aiight….

  • G

    We would have some beautiful children together lol

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  • Sadiki