Homfessional Model Of The Moment: Nikki Natural

· April 25, 2012

Wednesday’s homfessional model of the moment goes by the name of Neisha Cooper aka Nikki Natural. She’s originally from Miami but lives in Atlanta now. I seen her pictures around but I was suspect cause they all look like they are from the black planet era. Are you feeling Nikki?

Twitter @NikkiNatural

Propz @Realtalkldn


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  1. Big AL says:

    Ah yes, i was in the mood for some hot chocolate. Its kinda chilly in the Chi right now so send her over.lol

    • PapiChulo says:

      HAHAHAAA shout out to nikki she cool people and HAHZ you a fool bout bout dem pics, the pics do look old but trust baby girl nice and all natural home grown # NophotoshopClub.

      for her to have had a child and not to be fake or photoshopped, she gets some love

      • 850 says:

        I told these boys that it’s some yams in Florida. This is a nice orange right here. TC newest model welcome baby!!! Good looking out Real!

        • PapiChulo says:

          YEAH she right bra , only thing i hate bout her is when she be trying to look two bow legged on purpose but other than that she niceeee

          • prince_kosmic says:

            This lil hood princess has given me my chocolate fetish back. None of that model BS

          • 850 says:

            @Papichulo bruh she look good to me all around. I have no complaints what so ever. This is the kind of chick u meet at a house party or a gathering. Everyone is playing paper,scissors,rocks just to see who go at her first. Me I wouldn’t go at her @ all I’ll till she comes to me.

          • Moor says:

            Yea this the 2nd day. First day i didnt really click on them but now i did. She super bad. I take her over Chi’s Karamel.

          • prince_kosmic says:

            @moor, hell yeah I would

  2. queso BP.1 says:

    Yea cute girl….Feelin that third pic too!

  3. WHO IS REX?????? says:

    nice azz to waist ratio,thats right up THE WOLFPACKS alley,who got 1st?????? lol….

  4. Thumbs-up for @realtalk, she is nice!!! Her body is bananas & her face is decent…definitely would holla!! LOL@hahz “pics from the black planet era”. **donkrida voice**..”shiiit i was the man on blackplanet….my MySpace page still be poppin”.. lmao!!!

  5. MalleG's says:

    I’d Brian Mcknight that azz

  6. The fantastic eight!!! :-)

  7. still118 says:

    i hesitated 2 leave a comment cause she look like a run away…but after seeing the goods, #BrianMcKnight…LOL

  8. downbydariver says:

    Yea even these kinda broads are shittin on Bria LYLES nw…smmfh…

  9. white boy says:

    Damn nice shape. Pic 7 is legit.

  10. @strait 300 you know you used be to on black planet. Talking about damn, baby you got a fatty.


  11. Red Of Team Chocolate says:

    Impressive……..but I’m skeptical as hell about her being “Natural”

  12. DCAssLuva says:

    f*ck yeah i think bout to follow her thick azz dam!!

  13. DonkRida says:

    #teamchocolate STAND DA FUCK UP!

  14. #Teamchocolate = black gay porn stars!!!

    • DonkRida says:

      Yo do you see this fine ass chocolate woman?! Or all you’re accustomed to is gay visuals? Lol

      • 850 says:

        @Donkrida homie pay that nicca P.Ward no attention he on some other shit. After seing a beautiful woman like this the word gay flies over my head like always.

  15. #Teamchocolate = black gay p*rn stars!!!

  16. Will says:

    Giggity! This how you supposed to take a photo…Karamel needs to take notes…lol…

  17. SOOPAFLY1 says:

    Two thumbs up. It’s go time!

  18. Strait 3000 what’s up? Over and out!

  19. Red Of Team Chocolate says:

    LMAO I See The Lame wanna be @Bstrait’s BFF so Bad

  20. wobeli says:

    Those thighs… Gt Dam! Lil mama fine.

  21. Quit Resisting says:

    Thanks Hahz.. thats my type rite there.. A you say she stayin here in the A… You now where about are if she work at any club.. Im go and check her out

  22. Southwestern says:

    Straight dime.

  23. TYBO2020 says:


  24. QuaiQuai_20 says:

    I’m feeling her real good.

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