Here are some good pictures of Erykah Badu’s donk that is driving her ex’s crazy. I love her music and her it factor is through the roof. My guess is the combo of Badu putting it on you and a trying to figure her out mentally will drive a man insane.


  • jfizzle

    And she is a vegetarian, so that’s with some down south cookin

    • queso BP.1

      Ay yo fiz she got that voodoo cooch son! have ur azz bugged out walkin round like a zombie outside LOL…Shorty donk is right though..I love this broad. that window seat remix video wit Rick Ross she stepped out the car wit them high leather boots and tight azz leater pants that donk was bouncin lovely!!

  • JJ

    That coon Jay Electronica left Ms Badu for that white girl too smh

    And don’t say nuthin to me about money

  • R.E.D.BP Monopoly

    Lawd have mercy….I can only imagine how good that she is in bed

    • R.E.D.BP Monopoly

      Look at me,I couldn’t even finish the last part of my sentence thinking about it.

  • 1luv

    That azz always been a fantasy to see and here what kind of music it can make when it claps. On another note, she made a mohawk out of that afro. That’s a new one.

  • 1luv

    I always wonder what type of music that azz can make in bed.

  • downbydariver

    Nice lil frame on her@$$rite

  • Mister Mister

    Luv her frame, she’s badd

  • she looks cool hopefully she got that bomb a** pu**y

  • E-Dub

    That booty does have super powers because I just forgo what the fvck I searching for. LOL

  • wobeli

    Natural beauty!

  • desolation

    donk or no donk, she crazy. crazy doesnt make the p#$sy better imo. i mean look at evelyn. some niggaz scream ” no fat chix.” I say ” no crazy b#$hes.”

    • Big B

      +1. Had me a crazy @$$ b¡£©#. The drawls weren’t worth the drama & possibility of being on Snapped.

  • BoiJuanda

    when did she get it? She had some kids and the BAM! Ass appears! ’cause she used to be like white girl skinny!!!! Glad she put on that good weight!!!