Sunday’s dyme of the day goes by the name of Miss Joie. She is 21 years old 5′ 4″ 135 pounds from Los Angeles, California with the measurements of 34-26-40. A combination of Miss Joie’s homegrown and professional pictures I think she will be in the up and coming showgirlz magazine issue. What do you think of her?

  • Denzel Sausagetion

    yo she got rosa in the stomach game, them abs is tight and right. she sexy she dyme alright got damn.

  • D

    naw she dont got rosa bruh, rosa stomach game is on point, but oh girl is a piece though, she a cutie, but let me guess, she a stripper too huh…lol…

    • Denzel Sausagetion

      nigga i you crazy her stomach game is better than rosa. and i got that stripper vibe to

  • dimple dave

    she is a winner

  • southwest

    I had stopped checking Dyme of the Day because they were always skinny or slim, not my type at all. This young lady is much nicer with them legs. More homegrowns please.

    • melloluver

      I agree cuz. The last few dymes aint been worth it…maybe a lil more than a nickel, but this is a dyme fo sho.

  • jfizzle

    Yes she is tight. I could do with out the Tat though.

  • Fortyand Fly guy

    Damn! She’s bad as hell!


    one of my exs works with her…she said she’s got a stank ass tude and is birdbrain…i said so…long as she lets me hit it from the back

    • Na shes not a birdbrain, and her tude is one of the best. Shes actually a very sweet girl.. Please dont let her looks fool anyone, and no she doesnt strip. Shes a regular young lady.. Shes my little cousin!

    • hgus

      Just jealous you aint hitting it…

  • yo she got rosa in the stomach game, them abs is tight and right. she sexy she dyme alright got damn.

  • Doeboi

    34-26- but where is the 40! She bad though!!!



  • Mo Yoda

    That tattoo around her waist is sexy as hell!



  • TiJuanChin Diggler

    Bad for real…need more of her especially more homegrown pics

  • prime706

    yeah she bad as hell.

  • QUEmala

    Pre-titty augmentation…HELL YEAH!
    Post-titty augmentation….NAHHHHHH!!

  • yeah she bad as hell.

  • Tone

    she is bad

  • CJ


  • Click on my name!

  • yall is stupid dis girl is a ho i bet she wasnt no virgin when bow wow hit dat cuz she got a baby by him