Drake is making it his job to knock down every vixen who is as se*y as Cocaine Lorraine VIA Instagram.

Apparently, the Nothing Was the Same rapper recently tried to send a direct/private message to aspiring model Cocaine Lorraine on the popular social networking site. Instead, Drizzy posted this “shout-out” for all of his fans to see:

Drake wants Lorraine to work on a “quiet project” with him… well, it’s not very quite anymore!

Maybe the Young Money superstar wants the stunning beauty to star in one of his se*y music videos?


  • haha Aubrey the GOAT. People calling him a simp though he’s living in 4..3..2..

    • crabapples


    • crabapples

      this yellow tranny is not fine. she looks different from the average chick because of the yellow dye and freckles but she’s average. no props to drake for writing an essay either. he game is weaksauce and too damn sensitive.

  • Knowledge1911


  • queso (The Corp)

    Son wanna knock that down….I ain’t mad at him. I think he said a little too much though….I woulda been like “yo ma this Drake get at me I wanna holla at u about something” …….done!!

    • Or even shorter DM me.. either way she holla’d at him. Queso what would you do if Drake holla’d at ya girl on IG?

      • queso (The Corp)

        @Hahz as long as she breaking me off some of that loot I’m good…see u when u get back bitc#

        • Nowthatspcp


        • NoWhiteInMyCup

          Queso real niggga shit bra

      • NoWhiteInMyCup

        Drake a lame for that , with his money he should have a verified marketing acct ran by do boys of his to do his petty work.

        This nigga done set light niggaz back 10 years

        Baby girl has a Nigga also that she constantly claim , the real question is if she respond or fool with him on the side now that the works know .

        Her boyfriend probably going physco right now

        Damit drake can you get any lamer

  • Playboy69

    Moor was always right about Cocaine Lorraine…Now we all know now who really is Drake….Moor just reveal himself…LMFAO

    • MoorThugRelated

      Haha I told niggas she was that uncut work from second 1

      She must be special if the heavy hittas at her. I highly doubt she’d have received another post had I not made such a ruckus.

  • President Ward

    Who cares? That dude is burnin’ no hate.

  • Greg4422

    She has a nice shape, but I don’t like the way her face looks

    • reefmoney

      You’re right….she is the epitome of “she just light skin and light eyes” if you changed the hue of her skin she wouldn’t be anything specific

      BUT with all that said she has a CRAZY body….CRAZY slim thickums…and even if she was brown or dark skin her body would still be crazy and she still would get attention….BUT would she get as much attention …NOT EVEN CLOSE

  • Sadiki

    Aint she with some 6 foot something azz nigga.I don’t know why brother’s trying to holla at another dude’s chick.She is bad though.The I want you and only you line was funny though.Peace!

    • BzB

      does her 6 foot something dude have a 7 figure bank account?? if not he about to be sharing that girl.

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      Yeah if buddy the insecure type he going crazy right now. Biiitch let me see your phone haha.

      Me tho , I’ll be like baby go get that bread lol

  • Davidgotpay

    Stunning beauty ?? FOH

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    I’m just waiting for Charlemagne to go in on him

    This one time I agree . he need donkey of the month for this shiit

  • Kansas city

    So he should have his folks get @ the chick for him because he got money and he shouldn’t get @ shawty because she got a dude Tha fucc dat fool smashing everything he can the boy livin the good life

  • bobevil

    Sh1t she bad. I wouldn’t have hollered at her directly doe. Would told niggas in my camp to hit her up real discreet. That b1tch got a boyfriend(a sugar daddy it seems, the nigga looks way older than her. smh.)

    So I could just smash and avoid the tabloid drama and all dat.

  • Greg4422

    She’s trying to increase he value from an instagram message..smdh

    • Greg4422


  • Mister Mister

    I think she would look better with darker hair….that blonde damn near makes her look albino

  • Lazarus

    #rt, I hear what y’all saying. But let’s keep this a 1000, drake doing eggzactly what ANY one of us would do in his position. Get at what you consider a bad broad. Period, now me I’d pop up with some never before seen exoticness from the other side of the planet that don’t even speak the kings English. Word

    This message is Midgard approved!!!

  • reefmoney


    This is her boyfriend.


    we’ll see if #AkeezyTaughtHer how to not get f@cked by Drake.

    You let your girl attention whore….you think its cute all the adoration she gets….and you dont realize that she is Kim Kardashianian you Ray J…except Ray J is still cool….where as this guy probably wont be able to get lucky again.

    This is hilarious.