The man accused of putting out a hit on his mother, a prominent Uptown stylist, that resulted in her death in September 2012 is a local actor and rapper with a sizable social media following.Qaw’mane Wilson, a 24-year-old man whose stage name is “Young QC,” is accused of enlisting the help of two other people to kill his mother, Yolanda Holmes, the owner of Nappy Headz Salon, formerly at 4141 N. Broadway.

Holmes was shot and stabbed to death on Sept. 2, 2012, at her home in the 1000 block of West Montrose Avenue. Wilson’s reason for allegedly hiring a hitman for the grisly act, according to court docu*ents, was “financial gain.”

One week after Holmes’ death, Wilson, her sole beneficiary, liquidated his mother’s bank accounts, collecting more than $90,000. He also was beneficiary of two of her life insurance policies, according to court docu*ents.

On various social media platforms — including FacebookYouTube and Instagram — Wilson can be seen holding stacks of currency, being around expensive cars or wearing designer clothing.

Wilson, who was arrested Sunday and charged with murder and home invasion, has thousands of followers on those platforms.

In May, he posted a video to his YouTube account that has gotten more than 8,600 views and shows him “giving back to his fans.” The video shows him hop out of a car in the parking lot of a West Side Chase Bank. He talks about withdrawing $20,000 “just to show people I’m on a whole other level with this.”

Then Wilson heads inside the bank and emerges with stacks and stacks of hundred dollar bills. The video soon cuts to his “fans,” in a frenzy as he launches the cash in the air at another location.

Many of his social media followers have chastised him publicly for allegedly masterminding the death of his mother.

That includes Donte Fain, the writer and producer of “The Nick Story,” a family drama starring Wilson available on YouTube. Fain didn’t respond to a request for comment for this article. But he did post his thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.


Yunae Holmes, the victim’s sister and Wilson’s aunt, had a similar posting Tuesday: “I’m trying to figure out why he would do such a thing. She did everything for him.”

Wilson, and his alleged accomplices Loriana Johnson, 23, and Eugene Spencer, 22, were all ordered held without bail Tuesday for the slaying of Yolanda Holmes. Source

This is what today’s society will do for 15 minutes of fame, he probably thought his video was going to go viral leading him to label deal.


  • King

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    • R

      What the f@ck. What would him being homosexual have to do with anything? He’s a sociopath, not gay.

    • Queen

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      • taper-G

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          • Leslie

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  • Ace

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  • Shizz

    Murk your mom over $90,000 then hand out $20,000 to impress strangers, brehs. SMH

  • JJ

    Would someone drop a nuke on Chicago please!!!

    Chicago is a terrble place

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      League of Shadows for real

      • desolation


    • Proud-Blk-Nerd

      I was born and raised in Chicago. It always had bad parts and issues, but never like this. It started with overly liberal attitudes toward child-rearing…people not disciplining their kids (“loving” and trying to “understand” them instead), accepting teenage parenthood–now we got the result of young people with no parenting skills raising a generation of wild, undisciplined youg pepople, and letting the courts into our homes with what we can and cannot do–everything is “abuse”now.”

    • Perry

      Well said jj

  • Fenier

    Social Media acceptance is wired into some folks self-esteem at this point and it may not be reversible.

    • Mister Mister

      Exactly, it’s becoming too rampant. Obviously dude’s father wasn’t around because there’s no mention of him & his mom’s sister said he was an only child.

      Kill your moms, who probably already spoiled him as is being the only child, for $90K and some life insurance just to floss it on YouTube.

      I’m beginning to agree about Chicago needing to be destroyed & rebuilt.

  • Mo

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  • bobevil

    disgusting. first you kill yo momma for some green then spend that green on white owned business and enterprises. Hope they kill him in the worst way in prison. nothing will be lost.

    • FutureLeadersOfTomorrow

      Riiiiight, because us white folks are the problem. Spending this blood money at whatever local black-owned stores would be MUCH better, yeah?

      • Uh Huh

        You totally missed the point!

        He is so totally mind f#$%d by the media saturated existence, he does something, evil and THEN TOTALLY STUPID!

  • Big bread

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  • MoorThugRelated

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    • MoorThugRelated

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      • 1luv

        Mind will go into mush by being isolated.

        • MoorThugRelated

          Yup. Its what they gave the 9/11 hijacker and that FBI agent that was spying for China. You’ll wish you were dead but not before you begin to see things that aren’t there. Good for him.

  • 1luv

    Money is the root of all evil.

  • Proud-Blk-Nerd

    This is what happens when parents love their children too much (when you love your children, you cater to their needs. When you love them too much, you cater to their wants). Being gay, she probably overcompensated by spoiling him/her.

  • Mnyama B. Black

    That’s the problem… “She did everything for him.” Folks forget that respect, empathy and love often have to be taught. It isn’t automatic. Selfishness is a taught trait too that can morph into something more sinsiter — as we see here. This boy needed love and a few good a** whippings instead of her doing everything for him. He was so caught up that he took all his mom’s hard earned money and simply threw it in the wind “giving back” just so he could look good. He didn’t give back out of love or charity but a selfish need/want/desire to look better than others.

  • candi

    Why is this black ‘man’ dising black women, like saying that all his baby mamas look like drag queens, really?? You wonder why the black community is going to cease?? Self hatred is the reason, this nigga talking here in the video is part of it.

    • Proud-Blk-Nerd

      No, “self-hatred” comes from lying to and about ourselves. If its true, its true….we do dumb sh*t. That’s not dissing…thats a fact.

  • Benjamin

    This fellow brings a new low to humanity. Another one who could have been Obama’s son.

    • Audry

      Obama has nothing to do with this. This is just an evil person. Period.

  • Jodie

    He should have a fair trial and if found guilty, off to jail for min. 25 years. I feel for the people left behind, that loved his mother. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years .

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  • Dee Nice

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  • Lgr3

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