Brittany Renner Fitness Video

· December 2, 2013

Brittany Renner connects with WSHH for a new fitness video. We made a couple posts about Brittany Renner and now it looks like she blown up. ANS been making fitness post videos for a minute now..

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  1. President Ward says:

    White boy stamped. I’ll pass.

  2. Quai-Quai_ 22 says:

    Pretty face and a nice body.

  3. RED(MGC) says:

    She look like an overly tanned white girl in them pics

    Passing like John Stockton

  4. reefmoney says:

    She is so super sexy and super bad…..but its just something about her that is annoying. Its not the attention whoring….because 99% of the women we “oogle” over are attention whores. but its something about her that just makes it seems….i don’t know…not genuine….or fugazi. not her body….but her aura, her instagram, her twitter (all of which i checked) …she just seems kind of Stacy Dash-ish

  5. Bob says:

    Niggas is mad she fukin with white boy. lol. I don’t like it either, but trust I wouldn’t pass. I would smash it like a glass at a jewish wedding. I would show her what she was missing out on all that time messin with white boy.

  6. seanjohn100 says:

    this is bad fu#king b1tch and i wasnt all that from the video though, even a little pu$$y shot lol she needs to ditch that weave asap though

  7. Jfizzle says:

    Bernie Mac voice, “Nice real nice”

  8. Big ALbert says:

    I’m not against IR dating. It all depends on why you choose to date someone of a different race. If shes just into the white guy for him being a good dude then I don’t see the problem. if she’s one of those people that disses black men or feels like this white guy is her come-up or like its a status thing then she’s a uncle tom.

    either way I’m not mad. There’s plenty of other bad chicks out here.

  9. Reese says:

    Best wshh video to date

  10. 850 says:

    Man whoever say they would pass, on this chick needs their man hood checked. Straight up! I would give Brittany the bizness anywhere she wants it. I’ll give her the 10 card! Cute face sexy body. Don’t know what her personality is like but that remains a mystery for all of us. Whoever is clowning her for dating outside her race u can’t knock it. I wouldn’t blame her at all because look how most cats on here complaining about that BS. But it’s ok for us to knock down a white chick and wife them up. Not Knowing her boyfriend probably treating her right and not being insecure or jealous of what she does. Hell he’s winning he has a dime. At the sametime we don’t know what he has to put up with. She could be Wifey or she could be a disaster. I’m going along with Wifey for now until I see evidence that she is proven different.

    • Bob says:

      You aint need to type in anything else after the first sentence.

      • 850 says:

        Bob stay in ur lane bro real talk.

        • Bob says:

          So I agree with you and you come at me sideways? Yall niggas are a buch of fu#$in weirdos. And stay in my lane? Bro we aint out in the freeway we commenting on a site that host booty and misc shit. Dumbass retard.

          • 850 says:

            @Bob from your comment I thought you was being extra. Make ur comments a lil better and more wiser. I didn’t see how u was agreeing with me by being a wanna be professor smart ass! But I’ll let that alone I’m good I don’t do the internet thuggin like u trying to do. If u gave props just say I agree and keep it moving F^&k Boy.

  11. Scola says:

    I’m with you 850. Alot of DL cats in these comments.

    • 850 says:

      @Scola that’s what I’m saying bro who would turn this down? I understand everyone has their preference but if this chick approaches any of us and she’s giving signs that she’s down to do the dirty, dirty we will not hesitate to smash.

  12. Cakes(overtime) says:

    Lol at these comments but really is this a “fitness” video or soft porn this ish is getting out of control does everything have to be sexualized whats next hair tutorials to rkelly music I can see it now seductive blow dryer hair flip a curled loc falling oops was that a stop the madness

    • 850 says:

      Lol at Cakes ur funny.

    • Bob says:

      Cakes why you gotta be jealous tho? She sexy and want to show off that body…. all of it ….so let her and any girl wanna do that let em. When your wshh vid comes out you can stay all covered up and shit. lol.

    • MoorThugRelated says:

      Damn @Cakes. So you wouldn’t give the ANS click a sexy hair tutorial in some boyshorts? Smh

    • Cakes(overtime) says:

      Hey 850!! @Bob its all good I know you need plenty of fap material lol.. @Moor hell no lol if i were to drop a sexy video I wont try disguise it as something else like a p* im going to be straight up

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