Beauty Of The Week : Tomisha Ford

· February 10, 2009

As Ghost Face would say she is the sh1t of the whole night.

  • gphi

    She looks great…nice hips & thighs. PEACE!!!

  • smoothdrummer

    You are a fine

  • smoothdrummer

    Once again Tomisha, i am in gulfport Ms.and i think you are beautiful and fine. i am a drummer down here on the coast,hope we could talk some times.

  • wil

    Tomisha, your super ! awesome looking body. I wish that there were more photos of your body available.Please let me know if your photos are out there, wish you the best with your career.

  • geno

    This picture makes her look slim. I have the jet magazine with this picture and it shows how thick those hips and thighs really are. This chick is sexy!!

  • ernest page

    hi pretty girl. checking in from dc. If they look like that i will be taking a trip to MS. Email a brother.

  • 901 Gangsta

    cute chick