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Yvonne Ho Net Worth 2024

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Yvonne Ho is a Chinese TV actress, now based in Canada, where she works as a CFO for the Linus Media Group.

Early life and career

Yvonne Ho was born as Ho Yee Wan, on November 30, 1974, in Hong Kong. Yvonne grew up in Hong Kong, where she attended Leung Shek Chee University. Soon after graduation, Yvonne started to work with local TV production houses, and she has more than fifty appearances both in commercials and TV shows. However, Yvonne left her home country and moved far away, on the other side of the world, in Canada.

Since 2002, Yvonne appeared in several TV series, including Golden Faith, Wong Fei Hung – Master of Kung Fu, The Seventh Day, See Lai Bing Tuen, and many more. Her last appearance was in the movie Only You, in 2010.

Moreover, Yvonne met her future husband, Sebastian, who is more famous under the name Linus Sebastian, an owner of the YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips. Sebastian is quite popular in Canada, and he has several platforms with the same purpose, such as Techquickie, TechLinked, etc. As follows, Yvonne works as a chief financial officer for him at Linus Media Group.

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Personal life

Yvonne and Sebastian met in Canada, and soon started dating, however, with no precise predictions for the future. However, life decided to join these two together, and they soon exchange their vows in a private ceremony in 2011, and the wedding was held in a classic Canadian style.

The couple is quite business-oriented on social media, and rarely one can see what happens in their private lives. From time to time, they post some private pictures online, giving a glimpse into their harmonic marriage. However, some things are impossible to hide. Therefore, we know that the couple has three children, one son and two daughters, and they seem to have an entirely healthy and beautiful life. For now, they are settled in Surrey, British Colombia, Canada, and besides kids, they are proud parents of two cats.

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Yvonne Ho Net Worth 2024

Yvonne is a successful woman, mother, and spouse of tech genius in the rising. Also, she shares her contribution to the family, and her net worth is claimed to be $2.1 million without her husband. It seems like they are on an excellent way to grow and develop their business.

We assume her husband shares even more on his account, as he has more than a billion views in a single video and over 12 million subscribers in general. Moreover, Yvonne is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English, and in her free time, she likes to play the piano and do some sports activities such as swimming.

Knowing that the married couple earns for a living from media performance and social media channels, it is logical to think that both of them love social media and have their profiles there. That is true, and Yvonne likes being active on social media, especially on Twitter, where she often tweets and shares her stories. Also, her Twitter account has over 32k followers, which is impressive, and it is no wonder why she likes being there – she has quite an affluent audience!