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Winston Rauch Net Worth 2024

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Winston Rauch is an American director, screenwriter, and personality. He has written several movies, comedies, and sketches. However, he is the best known as a husband of Melissa Rauch, the famous actress of Bing Bang Theory.

His name before was Winston Beigel, but after the marriage, he decided to adopt his wife’s last name instead of following the usual norm. Keep reading and find out many more interesting facts about his life.

Early Life

There is not a lot of information that is revealed about his early life. However, there are some known facts. Winston was born in the United States of America on December 20, 1979. According to the information that the couple met in college, we can assume that Winston attended Marymount Manhattan College, same like his wife.

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Winston Beigel has written a couple of TV series together with his wife, Melissa Rauch. The Condom Killers was a movie hit that couple made together, and this was the entrance into the comedy world. Later on, they also wrote pages of the magazine named CBS: The Hollywood Reporter.

By the year 2016, he made a lot of achievements that took him to the spotlight. With his comedy movie The Bronze, he made a success which brought him later more opportunities. Thanks to the outstanding performance in the comedy show titled The Miss Education Of Jenna Bush, Winston got the Outstanding Solo Show at the New York International Fringe Festival. Rauch is also known for several TV series such as If We’re Not Married by 30.

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Marriage with Melissa Rauch

Winston and Melissa met in the college, and while they were working together, the feelings started to grow. The couple decided to tie a knot on 2007, and Winston surprised everyone when he took the name of her wife, Rauch. The marriage of these two is full of love, and there are no rumors about them.

On July 11, 2017, the couple announced that they would have a child, but unfortunately, they lost it to miscarriage. Later on, the love birds again announced that they were expecting. In the same year, they had their baby girl, Sadie Ranch. The couple is a fantastic example of true love and dedicated marriage.

Source: hollywoodreporter

Winston Rauch Net Worth 2024

During his career, Winston made a fortune, and his net worth is estimated to be $2 million. Besides of all the wealth that he earned, Winston also shares his wife’s net worth of $8 million. Together, the couple is enjoying a luxury life.