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Why The Premier League is The Greatest Football Championship in the World

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Even if you do not like football, you have probably heard that the English Premier League or EPL for short is the best one in the world. But, what are the reasons people love it? What makes it better from other ones in different countries? There are so many things that people wonder about.

If you are interested in finding the answers to the, previously mentioned questions and if you want to learn why the premier league is the best, you might find this article quite helpful. The text below will feature the reasons why people love EPL. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons:

1. The Players Are Some of The Best Ones

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It is worth mentioning that the world’s best players are not in the EPL. The best two players are currently playing for Italy and Spain, and you might have heard about two people called Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Now, of course, you might think that someone else is the best, for example, Neymar, but the point here is that the top two are not playing in England.

But, in the Premier League, perfection is not measured individually. After all, football is a sport played as a team. If you combine the total numbers of high-quality internationals in the top 5 or 10 teams in all leagues, EPL definitely has the most strength and power. The players together are what makes the league more successful and loved than other leagues.

2. The Stadium Has it All

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Once you visit this stadium, you might be left in awe when you see the amazing seating, facilities, and viewing. Additionally, the fields are perfect throughout the seasons, meaning that the teams can play games all year long. The 10 best clubs in the EPL all have perfect home ground from the favorite, rectangular Old Trafford to the modern grounds like the Emirates.

Even the smallest clubs have their own stadiums – and although they might be small, they are extremely well-designed. For instance, the Southampton FC plays at the Saint Mary Stadium which is the largest one located near London. It can accept close to 32.600 spectators and it has facilities that are world-class.

3. The TV Coverage is Exceptional And is Watched By Millions

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Back in 1965, BBC broadcast the first-ever football match and, although it might come as a shock, it was watched by only a handful of people. But, fast forward 65 years and the English Premier League is now watched by more than 600 million people in more than 200 countries – which is a shocking number.

All the matches that are broadcast live and quite anticipated by people. Now, the most interesting thing about this is that all the income gathered globally is not distributed to individuals clubs, but it is collectively distributed between the twenty clubs. Hence, the EPL is the most-watched event no all continents and this is mostly because it is high-quality and unrivaled in the world of football.

4. People Love Betting on it!

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People love placing wagers on the EPL matches and the reasons are quite obvious. Of course, it is a fun experience, but, individuals can also earn a lot of money if they correctly guess the outcome of the match. Now, it is important to remember that you can also place bets online. You might be wondering why you should do that?

Well, to put it simply, it is more convenient, especially since you will not have to go outside your home to place bets. To make things even better, you will not have to pay for parking or wait in line to place a wager. If you want to see what betting option you can choose, check out freebets.uk.com.

5. Its History is Incredible

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Although some people might not think this, it is a well-known fact that the English people actually came up with the modern football game and it quickly spread worldwide. A wide range of firsts was achieved in the EPL games and they have been carrying their traditions for quite some time.

No one could have guessed that their simple, fun game would turn into such an event all over the over – it makes you wonder what would have happened if they patented the game and the rules. Hence, playing in the Premier League is something historic since a lot of players participate in one of the greatest sports in the world.

6. The League And The Goals Achieved

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When you look at the statistics, this league does not have the highest goals to game ration in Europe, however, when you compare it to the, for example, Dutch League that has clumsy and slow defenders, the defenders in the EPL are entirely opposite. Even the smallest clubs know how to properly fight it out – which basically suggests that they fight to defend every single shot made at their goal.

7. The Different Playing Styles

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When you watch the games, you will easily notice the differences in style that different clubs have. For example, Manchester teams have always had an open attack style, with their focus on the fast winger, as well as the goalscoring men that are, in most cases, in the middle of the field. Each of the teams in the EPL has its own unique style, hence, you will never ever get bored when watching different teams play.


As you were able to read, there is a wide range of reasons people love the English Premier League, as well as why it is one of the most popular and best leagues in the world. It is a machine that works extremely well, it features some of the best possible players in the world, and the management behind the EPL are constantly looking for ways to bring in new players, as well as to improve the overall establishment.

So, now that you know what the reasons are for loving the English Premier League, you might want to learn more about it. Hence, do not waste any more time and start searching for some interesting and fun facts about the English Premier League right away!