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Chinese Beauties: Their Magnetism Comes From The Inside

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Women are always said to be beautiful, regardless of their age, height, stature or origin. Every woman carries with her an undiscovered beauty that a real man likes to discover gradually. However, in recent decades we have witnessed numerous international romantic relationships that often end up with marriage. Very often, we will find women from Asia on the list of the most beautiful and desirable women. Chinese girls are leading that list. Why is it like that? We will try to reveal to you at least part of their secret recipe for success.

The Magnetism Of Asian Women

Asian girls have a special beauty that impresses many people around the world. Lush hair, beautiful complexion, and a slim figure are the key features of Asian beauty. It is this first visual moment that plays a crucial role in men. Especially those who come from Western Europe and find Asian girls exotic and tempting. There is so much truth in the famous saying: “We always want to have what we don’t have”. The very appearance of women from this region lures men’s glances and sighs, and when one considers that Asian “love manuals” are among the oldest in the history of civilization – it is not surprising that Asian women are so popular among men.

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The Concept Of Beauty

Beauty, above all, implies diversity. Beauty means keeping your origin and your culture alive. Being natural, honest, authentic and different. Perhaps this is the true secret of the beauty of Asian women. Speaking of Asia – women of this continent have been carrying the epitome of fatal women for decades. Just remember the famous Yoko Ono who had seduced the greatest Beatles of all – John Lennon. Also, beauties from India and China have been highly ranked for years in competitions like Miss World, etc. Yet, in recent years, girls from China have taken over the primacy and quietly and unobtrusively imposed the ideal of their beauty among men around the world.

Chinese Beauty Throughout History

Chinese women are known as those who value youthful looks and beauty and pay a lot of attention to it. Throughout history, they have done many strange things for the sake of their beauty. They were sometimes even merciless to themselves. In ancient times, incredibly small feet were the Chinese ideal of beauty – or as we say today – a fashion hit.

Cruelty For The Sake Of Beauty

Foot binding was one of the most notorious forms of body modification, mainly practiced by wives and daughters of royalty until the 13th century. It eventually expanded and this practice was widely accepted. Foot binding began usually when the girl was 5 to 7 years old and consisted of a bandage of her feet that tightened as she grew. This would result in fractures of the bones of the feet and eventually bending the arch of the foot towards the toes and twisting the toes under the foot. This painful and depressing practice rested on the foundations of the sexual and aesthetic appeal of small feet.

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With Long Nails, There Was No Joke In China

The Chinese have quite a history of long nails. Both men and women of the Qing Dynasty had their nails up to 20-25 cm in length, and some of the women even wore gold shields for their uncomfortable manicure. This showed that people were rich enough not to have to work with their hands. Instead, they relied on their servants who had to dress and feed them.

The Ancient Chinese Women Were Changing Their Eyebrows Colour

Ancient Chinese had the opportunity to be very creative about their eyebrows. They would color them with black, blue or green and shape them according to the trend of the age in which they live. At one point during the Han Dynasty, sharply pointed eyebrows were very modern. Women were then expected to have short and high eyebrows, and one of the styles was called “sad eyebrows,” because the eyebrows were shaped midway into an arch to indicate sadness.

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Chinese Girls Today

Fortunately, today the ideals of beauty are quite different. However, they still depend on the area the woman comes from. Women from different parts of China have slightly different views on life and beauty. While Chinese women from Hong Kong, Singapore or Taiwan are a little more “contemporarily oriented” – girls who come from other parts of China are still slightly different.

Dating A Chinese Girl

When it comes to women of China, today they are returning to a slightly more natural look and traditional beauty values. Perhaps this is the secret of their success in men. Yet, we must not neglect the character of these girls either. So, you might want to know a little bit about it before you invite a Chinese beauty to date. And what awaits you when it comes to dating? What are they really like? We will try to reveal this secret to you as well, but if you want to find more on this topic, click here.

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The Chinese Women Are Very Attached To Their Family

Despite the time we live in and many trends that come from the west – some things do not change. In Chinese culture, there is a great deal of respect and connection between the girl and her basic family. Chinese women have tremendous respect for their family members, especially their mother and father. Most women in China live with their parents until they get married – or at least somewhere close by. If you are in a relationship with the Chinese girl, know that you will have to go through her family’s “terrible judgment”. It’s true, this is not very pleasant, but if her family approves of your relationship – you’re a lucky man. In case they don’t like you, you’ll have to go the hard way. You will need to constantly prove to your loved one and her family your true love, commitment, sincerity, hard work and ability to take good care of your beloved woman.

They Are Very Traditional

When we say traditional – it means you have to keep in mind the broader meaning of this term. Chinese girls are modern and liberal in many things, but when it comes to relationships, they like to put some things in place from the very beginning. That means you’re a man and she’s a woman. Let’s make this more clear. She initially expects you to play the role of a man who will be her guiding force in your relationship. This practically means that she doesn’t expect you to ask her the famous question “Where are we going tonight ?” – because she implies that you already know it. This means only one thing – you must be prepared. You need to know where to take her out, you have to hold her coat, or the door when she’s entering the restaurant. In a word – you have to be a man. Although many people around the world believe that Chinese women are submissive – don’t let them fool you. They just love you to make an effort around them, and when they relax in your company after a while – they will be more ready to show you the other, slightly more relaxed side of their character.

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They Want To Make A Good Impression

Every Chinese man or a woman wants to make a good impression on other people. But, don’t we all? However, in China, this has a bit more significant meaning. They are very concerned about their reputation because it speaks about their family background, their achievements or their status. Therefore, every Chinese woman strictly takes care of her behavior, avoiding any situation where she could endanger the reputation of her family.

Chinese Girls Do Not Prefer One Night Stands

One of the most important things before starting a relationship with a woman from China is – seriousness. Girls from China do not like frivolous men who do not have honorable and serious intentions. This means that they are not fans of one night stands. Of course, this item also depends on the climate in which the girl lives, but generally – women from these parts of the planet are not prone to transient adventures and flirting. Therefore, in the beginning, try to be completely honest about your intentions so that you do not get into an uncomfortable situation or unintentionally hurt the girl you like.

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All Women Are Different

Lastly, we must say that there is no universal recipe for perfect love or the perfect marriage. You just feel it or not. We cannot put all women, in the same mold. Each one is special and beautiful in her way. And whether or not you manage to expose their beauty and magnetism – it is up to you. We wish you much success on your next “love journey”.