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Gadgets That Make Moving Easier

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Moving isn’t easy if you’re doing it on your own. You’ll have to do a lot of lifting and you’ll have to be very cautious for many reasons. If you’re not careful enough you might end up damaging some of your belongings or even worse getting injured. That is why certain gadgets exist. These gadgets make moving easier and you will be less likely to get hurt during the moving process.

Lifting Straps

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Lifting is the hardest thing to do when it comes to moving. That’s if you’re not physically ready for it. But even if you are, you could end up getting hurt. That is why using lifting straps is recommended. You should use them even if you have a few people helping you because it is going to make moving easier. You can use these lifting straps for lifting large furniture pieces such as wardrobes, refrigerators, couches, tables, etc. Lifting straps make handling these objects much easier and you will be able to control them more.
These straps are in an “X” shape. They have looping harnesses at the end of each strap. Depending on your needs, these straps can fit over your forearms or your shoulders making lifting easier. But you can’t use this gadget alone. You need at least one other person helping you. These straps can handle weight up to 800 lbs which are around 362kg. Lifting with these straps will help you not feel the weight as much. It is much better to use straps than ropes.

Furniture Dolly/Skate

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Lifting furniture sometimes just isn’t an option or you might just want to avoid it at all costs. Whatever the reason is, there’s a different way to handle heavy items. A furniture dolly or a furniture skate is going to be a lifesaver. It is not something you wouldn’t think of creating yourself. It is just a square or rectangular platform with wheels at each corner. Using this gadget is very simple. You just put the item on it and glide it across the floor. It is as easy as that. This is the best gadget for handling heavy items. It comes in various sizes so you can choose which one suits your needs. You can also use this gadget for moving boxes. This gadget alone can make moving easier and faster. Moving companies such as bestmoversinflorida.com use this gadget and they recommend it to everyone having a DIY move.

Furniture Lifter

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Even though you might already have the lifting straps and the furniture dolly, investing in this gadget is not something you’re going to regret. This gadget helps you get those heavy items onto your gadgets. Furniture lifter is a slim lever that fits under the item you want to move. It helps you tilt the object with up to 10 times your natural strength. This is definitely something you need for your DIY relocation. This gadget usually comes with furniture slides. These slides help you to easily push the heavy items out of the room. Overall, this gadget can help you a lot if you decide to get it and why wouldn’t you? So when you decide to have a stress-free relocation to sunny Miami, definitely consider getting these gadgets. Even if you’re physically ready to lift heavy items, having a lifter helps.

Toe jacks

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If you have any heavier objects in your home, a toe jack is a thing for you. Toe jacks are the same thing as furniture lifters, but they deal with even heavier items. Toe jack is sort of a forklift. But unlike a forklift, a jack can’t transport an item for you. It just tilts your heavy furniture upward so you can slide straps or dollies underneath.

Hand truck

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Every moving company uses hand trucks. Hand trucks are made for moving smaller objects. You can stack up boxes here, suitcases, and basically anything else that is small to medium-sized that you need to relocate from one place to another. You can buy these literally anywhere and their price isn’t high at all. This gadget makes going up and down the stairs with boxes much easier because a hand truck has large wheels.
A hand truck makes moving boxes up and down the stairs much easier and faster.

The best way to make moving easier

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All of these gadgets will help you out and make your relocation easier and less stressful but the best way to do that is to hire movers. There’s nothing more helpful than having professionals helping you with your relocation. They are also equipped with all these gadgets and they use them if necessary. Hiring movers not only make a move easier and less stressful, but it also makes it safer. Even when you are using these gadgets you can end up getting hurt. Using lifting straps makes lifting easier but not safer. You can run over your foot with the furniture dolly. Plenty of things can happen if you’re not careful enough.

Protect yourself

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Even though you have these gadgets you have to protect yourself. It is important to wear gloves. Gloves are going to protect your hands from scratches and they will also make handling these things easier. You also need good footwear. Your shoes need to be hard. You can’t wear anything you wish to wear. You also need trousers or sweat pants. Shorts shouldn’t be an option because you can get scratched. And a shirt you’re not sorry to rip would be a good idea. You also need to get a good night’s sleep before the moving day so you have a lot of strength.