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5 Weirdest Gambling Superstitions Across the World 

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Making money in the 21st century is possible in many different ways. However, most people would decide on choosing those methods that are entertaining. That is the reason why the gambling industry is experiencing popularity growth.

We do not want to say that gambling was not popular before. However, things have changed together with the development of advanced technology. People now have the chance to gamble online. That opportunity allows them to test their luck and skills and earn money 24 hours a day. Despite that, they do not necessarily have to stay at home and play. They can enjoy the games from any area that has a strong Wi-Fi connection. For instance, you can go to a cafe, order a cup of coffee, and improve your financial stability.

There are many gambling sites that you can find by basic Google research. However, it is better to analyze which options you have before making the final decision. For instance, Wiser Gamblers reviewed many online casinos and their reviews can serve as a great guideline.

Still, there is one thing that only gamblers around the world understand. They are probably the most superstitious part of worldwide popularity. Because of that, people that are not gambling fans will probably consider them strange. That is the reason why we want to talk about the weirdest gambling superstitions across the world. Keep in mind that they are different from one place to another.

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1. China

It is hard to calculate how many citizens live across entire China. The same rule counts when we talk about superstitions. There are many of them, but it seems that some of them are weird a lot.

The red color is the lucky one across the country. That is the reason why gamblers often wear red clothes when they enter the casino. We are sure they are doing the same when gambling online from the home. It is going to be enough to wear red underwear, socks, or anything else that can potentially bring luck.

On the other hand, wearing black socks or anything else in casinos is almost “forbidden”. For Chinese people, black color is an association for death and can bring bad luck in life (and gambling as well).

Despite that, there is another Chinese superstition that seems hard to understand. The gamblers from that country believe that touching an arm or shoulder of a player brings bad luck. That may seem strange to people from different parts of the world. You probably remember when James Bong was inviting attractive ladies to join him while he was gambling. Well, many gamblers in the world believe that a good companion can bring luck. However, it seems that the same rule doesn’t count for the Chinese players. At least, no one has the right to touch your arm or shoulder during the game.

2. South Africa

We will move to Africa for a second to hear one of the weirdest superstitions around the world. The big gambling supporters there believe that multi magic and voodoo can help them win the reward. Believe it or not, many of them would decide on smoking the dried brains of vultures. They believe that rituals like that will give them some special skills. For instance, they will try to predict the lottery numbers or match results in that way.

Believe it or not, the specie is dealing with extinction because of the high demand that gamblers have. We hope that people will realize how damaging the superstition is for the vultures.

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3. Thailand

After we “visited” Africa, it is the right moment to get back to Asia. There is a good reason why we would like to talk about Thai gamblers. Their superstition is probably one of the most ridiculous you can hear about.

Thai gamblers wear penis medallions around their neck. They believe that those medallions can bring them good luck. The name of the necklace they are wearing is “Palad Khik”. When you translate it to English, the name of the “souvenir” would mean “Honorable Surrogate Penis”.

Still, Palad Khik is not only good for gambling luck. Men like to wear them because they believe it will make them irresistible to women. We are not quite sure if a method like that works. However, it is one of the weirdest superstitions you can find in the world.

4. America

Afro-Americans believe that itchy palm is a sign they will soon earn some money. The superstition origins from the ancient African religion. However, there are some traces of it among Native American folklore. However, it seems that Afro-Americans managed to convince all the people how itchy palms are powerful. Many gamblers across America started to have the same beliefs.

5. India

It seems that the weirdest superstitions are stated in Asian countries. The same rule counts when we talk about India. You will manage to hear people saying that all gamblers are disheveled and unkempt. Gamblers from India are good proof that something like that may be the truth.

Still, there is a good reason why they worry too much about their grooming habits. For instance, shaving on Tuesday can bring bad luck. The same rule counts when we talk about washing hair. Doing that on Thursdays is almost forbidden because it can bring bad luck. In the end, gamblers from India do not cut their nails on Tuesdays and Saturdays. A habit like that can potentially result in the same way. At least, it is a belief that people across India commonly have.

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Final Thought

These are some of the weirdest gambling superstitions across the world. If you are not a gambler, we are sure you will hardly understand them. Yet, gambling fans should know one important thing. The success in the online or offline casino is not a matter of luck. It depends on the skills and knowledge that you have. Despite that, you need to work on your self-control skills. Spending more than you can afford will never pay off in the end. Neither of these superstitions won’t help you win money and ensure financial stability.