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6 Reasons Why Sports Betting Can Be So Frustrating

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How many times you were watching the game with the ticket in your hand, palms sweaty, biting your nails and waiting for that sole goal you need to cash out? Probably a lot, since most us were in that same situation. Worst thing is, more often than not, that one goal never arrives. Even if the team gets a sure-thing chance, even a penalty, somehow, they always seem to miss. That sounds familiar? Well, that’s because it is. A lot of times betting and waiting for the final result is very frustrating. You had a good, well-thought-out bet and you were off by just a fraction.

There are two types of players, one that play for fun and just to spice up their watching experience and those who play seriously, create their bets meticulously, with a lot of attention and reasoning and the second group is far more likely to be frustrated. Why? Well, aside from money, which both of these groups invest in this practice, serious players invest their time and knowledge, too. So, you can see how it can be infuriating sometimes. What are the reasons that drive us crazy? Why is it that sports betting is so often going on our nerves? Well, let’s find out.

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1. You don’t know how to bet

Sure, the basic premise is really simple, you try and predict the outcome of the match and if you guess correctly you win some money. However, many people see this as an opportunity to get rich really easy and really quick. Well, that is not how this works. Granted, it can happen, it’s just the chances are so slim, that is practically impossible to strike gold often enough for this practice to get you rich. So, if you’re getting frustrated because you’re stacking up quotas and odds until you reach some astronomical figure that can change your life, stop doing that. No matter how probable you may think it seems or how much you say to yourself that it should only happen once – it’s not going to happen. All you are doing is wasting money in the long run.

What you should do is approach this from a different perspective. Don’t add up odds, add up potential winnings. Bet on more reasonable quotas, thus increasing your chance to win and stack up those same winnings. This won’t help you win big and change your life, but, it will help you stop losing money and it’ll bring you satisfaction, rather than frustration.

2. Not betting online

We get it, doing the sports betting in person is a fun experience. There a lot going on, these places are packed with guys, you’re having a drink, talking, sharing your experiences, scheming how to find a loophole that will make you all rich and so on. However, what this does is prevents you from thinking straight. You may get so caught up in the conversation you overlook an injured player or some other factor and you end up placing a wrong bet and we all know what happens then.

Try placing your bets online. You get to do it from the comfort of your home, you can do your research thoroughly and in silence and you get the avoid those last-minute lines when everyone’s trying to bet right before the match is about to start. Online betting is instant and you can be certain you’ll get to place your bet in time. If you feel this may seem like something you’d be interested in, you can learn more here.

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3. Favourites keep losing

We all know that the numbers and statistics are paramount in betting, but, it’s a sport, not an equation, so it’s not that simple. Those who create odds use a lot more than just statistics and who’s playing home or away. There are a lot of things that go into play there so you can’t only rely on the odds. Sometimes odds are there only to spice things up so you may end up wondering why the odd is so big or small when you’re absolutely certain the match is going to finish a certain way.

So, you end up questioning them and yourself and you just end up betting on the favourite and you eventually lose. What we mean to say, don’t follow odds blindly, they’re not a guarantee, nothing is certain in sports which brings us to our next point.

4. You can’t predict the future

Well, even if you’re physic, or that strange lady across the hall says she is, chances are, you can’t predict the future. On the off chance you can, kudos to you. However, for the sake of argument let’s say you can’t. Let’s say you’ve bet on a certain running back to rush for more than 60 yards and he ends up injured mid-way through the game. Maybe he would’ve got it, maybe he wouldn’t, you can never now and that is frustrating. Not to mention you’ve lost your bet.

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5. Bet in different places

Even when you win, things can get frustrating. Let’s say you’ve bet on a few matches and you’ve won. Later that day, you meet your friend or your colleague and tell them about the good news only to find out, they’ve did the same thing, only they’ve won more. It’s important not to get stuck in the same place. Check out different betting shops, compare the odds and make sure you get the best possible deal, also check betbigdollar.com.

Another thing that can happen is that some betting places allow you to win some money if you were off by just a fraction. If you’ve correctly predicted 9 out of 10 bets, you may end up being compensated in a way. Some shops offer those benefits so check them out.

6. Control your budget

It’s easy to let things spiral out of control when it comes to betting. You get frustrated you’ve missed by a hair and then you go on and bet more. What happens more often than not is that you lose once again and you’ve only managed to lose more money and get more infuriated. Make sure you know when to stop. It’ll save you money and nerves.

Bottom line is, sports betting should be a fun time. It can be frustrating, sure, but only if you allow it to. Pay attention to the these examples we’ve just mentioned and try to avoid doing them and we promise, it’ll feel much better.