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6 New Business Ideas That You Can Earn Money From

Whether you consider yourself a bit of an entrepreneur or not, there are so many ways that you can make money. Why not bolster your existing income or start out on your own or, if you’ve been affected by the coronavirus, consider turning something you love doing and transforming it into a viable business to help support you and your family. To find more ways to make money fast, click here.

As the lockdowns begin to ease and the economy is looking forward to recovering, why not take this opportunity and create a business you can earn money from. Whether you’re a creative person, a bit of a technical wiz or love helping people, there are so many options out there. The list doesn’t stop with these either!

1. Helping the elderly

Source: Grotto Network

With those most vulnerable likely to be locked down for the longest period, why not considering setting up help and support scheme. Whether you team up with local care homes or you go it alone, there are a number of things you can do to help. You could even invest in a wheelchair accessible vehicle or other method of transportation from specialist companies like Allied Fleet, to be able to offer a whole host of services.

From simply ordering and collecting their shopping to taking them to and from hospital or doctors’ appointments, there are so many things you can do to help the most vulnerable in society.

2. Opening an eBay store

Source: Forbes

Do you have a skill or craft that you love to do? Or perhaps you’ve got a collection of valuable items that you no longer want? Nowadays you can make a relatively good amount of money from selling online. With platforms like eBay offering as easy to use system, you could be set up and selling in no time.

No matter if you sell things you’ve created yourself or if you look to buy and sell items on for a profit, opening a store on eBay can bring in additional income for very little outlay.

3. Try your hand at a takeaway

Source: Canberra Weekly

Think you’re a pretty good cook? In these difficult times why not look into transforming your kitchen into a local takeaway! You don’t need to offer anything totally out there, but with many people isolating or in the vulnerable category, you may find that it’s a welcome change for some people.

You’ll need to get your space checked by the Food Standards Agency before you can start serving people, but it’s a simple process that doesn’t take long.

No matter what business idea you decide to go with, now is as good of a time as ever to give it a go. It may just give you that financial boost you’ve been searching for!

4. Open your own restaurant or café

Source: 011info.com

Another option if you love making food is to take the plunge and open your own restaurant or café! Think you’ve got not only the cooking skills but the hospitality ones too? This could be the perfect money making solution for you. Despite many businesses reducing their numbers because of the pandemic, this could be the perfect time to start, as you’ll be opening with the new restrictions in mind.

Yes, you may need to rope in your household to get you started, which is ideal if you have a partner, husband, wife or even friend, but it’ll be worth it in the long run as you’ll be keeping costs down as you start.

You may also benefit with reduced rates of rent. Because of the pandemic, many councils have offered out local businesses a lower rent cost for the next few months to help.

With a restaurant or café, there may be a small outlay in terms of equipment and furniture, so it’s important to make sure you budget for everything before you get started. Remember, it’s about making money and not spending too much of it! Shop around on online marketplaces like eBay and Facebook for any second hand items you could use and even upcycle.

5. Remote hardware repair shop

Source: Computer CPR

Are you a dab hand at fixing things? With so many people working from home, they no longer have their IT teams on hand to help! And, as the older generation are still very isolated, you may also be able to help them as they want to Facetime and Skype their family more and more.

Whether you do and pick up and drop off service or you visit people in their homes, it’s a great money-maker and something you can do at any time of day. You could even fit it around your day-to-day job as a bit of a side hustle.

6. Sell your cakes and other bakes

Source: GoodtoKnow

If you’re quite the home baker, this could be the solution you’ve been looking for. No matter if you create cupcakes and three-tiered masterpieces or you’re more of a brownie and tray bake kind of person, you can be sure that the neighbours would love to grab themselves some sweet treats to enjoy with a cuppa!

As with running a takeaway from your home, you’ll need to get your space checked by the Food Standards Agency to make sure it’s clean and free from hazards and harm. Remember, especially in today’s world, keeping things clean and up-to-standards is incredibly important.

No matter which money making idea you try, there really is something to suit everyone. With many of these, you can either run them alongside your full time job as a side hustle or make them your full time career with ease!