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Wanda Hutchins Net Worth 2024

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Wanda Hutchins has become a famous name when she married the former American football defensive end and one of the league’s all-time QB sack leaders, Michael Strahan. The couple is now divorced and she remained this secretive person she always was. She has no active social media accounts and not much is known about her life. So, here’s everything we could find about Wanda Hutchins, including her bio, career and net worth as of 2024.


Wanda Hutchins was born on June 6, 1973, in Germany. She is of European ethnicity and German nationality. Her mother’s name is Renate Hutchins, but nothing more is known about her parents and siblings, as well as, her childhood.

When Wanda was only 12 years old, she met Michael Strahan, who was then 14, at a school in Germany. It was love at first sight and their love kept growing. Then, in 1992, they welcomed their first child, Tanita. Soon after that, the couple tied the knot and started their life as a married couple.

However, Michael gained a lot of popularity and publicity which led their marriage into a downward spiral. Wanda and Michael didn’t want to give up their marriage and welcomed their second child, Michael Strahan Jr., on September 12, in 1994.

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Nevertheless, this didn’t solve their issues and the couple decided to file for divorce in 1996, only two years after their son was born. Both Wanda and Michael shared custody Michael Strahan Jr and Tanita, but he visited his children on rare occasions. The reason for their divorce was the fact that they were too young to have been committed for life and they separated but with mutual understanding.

Pretty soon after their divorce, Michael started seeing other women. Then, he got married for the second time with Jean Muggli, a store manager, with whom he now has two twin girls, Sophia and Isabella. However, the couple divorced in 2006 after Jean Muggli accused Michael of physical assault.

Wanda is reportedly single at the moment and has shown no interest in having an active life.


Besides the fact that Wanda Hutchins grabbed huge public attention following her marital relationship with Michael Strahan, the media has never managed to get a glimpse of her personal and professional details. It is only known that Wanda works as an interior designer and decorator. Moreover, she is also the owner of Wandaful Home Designs. Nonetheless, following her divorce with Michael, Wanda has disappeared from the media and nothing much is known about her or her career.

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Wanda Hutchins Net Worth 2024

As Wanda works as an interior designer, it is estimated that her salary is about $46,985. However, as she was also the wife of a millionaire, Michael Strahan who had the net worth of $65 million, it is believed that she enjoyed a lavish and luxurious lifestyle. Hence, it has been estimated that the Wanda Hutchins’s net worth stands at about $2 million.

What is known is that Michael paid $15 million to his second wife after their divorce and was made to bear the amount of $18,000 for the child support on a monthly basis. How much money he had paid to Wanda when they got divorced and whether he paid for child support is still a mystery.