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Useful International Travel Tips to Enjoy Your Vacation Hassle-free

Traveling to a foreign land is an experience that all of us wish to undergo. However, none of us want to suffer any inconvenience in digital connectivity in a foreign country. As we are so attached to our tech-partners, it feels impossible for us to separate ourselves from our gadgets, such as cameras, tablets, or smartphones, even for a few hours, forget a few days.

Imagine how you would feel if you were to stay away from social media, especially when traveling abroad? For most of us, it would be very hard. To ensure that it does not happen to you, we have come up with some tech hacks that will come handy when you travel abroad. Also, when visiting for example, Egypt, there are a variety of accommodation options to choose from, ranging from luxury hotels to budget-friendly guesthouses. Remember that, before booking your accommodation in Egypt, it’s important to check the visa requirements and apply for Egypt visa online if necessary, to ensure that you have all the necessary documents for a smooth trip.

Get a good data plan

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If you are traveling with your family or partner, you should opt for a data-centric plan over a plan with voice-calling minutes. Such a plan would be more useful then because you can easily make calls with the data using platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, FaceTime, etc. It will also let you share your internet plan with your travel buddies using the Wi-Fi hotspot.

Free Wi-Fi

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You would not want to spend a lot on your SIM plan. It is best to stick to the base plan that lets you stay connected in case of emergencies. It is because, in most of the tourist attractions, shopping complexes, and restaurants in almost every country, you get free Wi-Fi. So, you can make use of this free service to stay connected.

Battery backup

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Traveling is all about data sharing and a lot of pictures. You would certainly not want to miss out on clicking some pictures of yourself or the place you visit while on the trip only because your phone runs out of battery. Right? Thus, to ensure that this unfortunate situation never falls on you, you should carry a power backup with you. Also, keep your battery backup 100% charged.

Carry an adaptor

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Whenever you travel abroad, you need to carry with you convertor plug-ins and adapters. It is quintessential because different countries tend to have a separate electrical connecting pin or a plug point. Hence, to avoid any issue, you must always have a universal connector or a connector with you, which will help you charge in the country you are visiting.

Translator apps

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Though English is undoubtedly one of the most popular languages globally, there are still a few countries where you might still face a language barrier. For instance, if you are traveling to a country like Russia, Korea, or China, you will need some services or a person to translate the local language for you to your native language or English, so that you thoroughly understand it. Diana, an associate educator with TAE, says that her phone’s translator app made her trip to China so smooth. Having a translator app is necessary to ensure that you do not feel stranded in a foreign land.

Navigation and maps app

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Often, we get confused between some routine in the city where we live and breathe. Imagine what would happen when you are a new country? Getting lost in a foreign country is the last thing you would want. So, it is best to get the right directions from a reliable navigation app. However, if you are not using a telecommunication service, you should plan things. Try to use the Free Wi-Fi service and download the map for the area you plan to visit. It will ensure that you have access to the map even while you are offline.

Download transport and planner apps

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Usually, every country in the world has a well-connected digital network. The network aids the commuters in finding the applicable transport and other services and the ongoing activities in the city. To make the most of your travel, you should have these apps on your phone. Sonya, an accounting manager with TrumpLearning, says that she downloads the planner apps whenever she is traveling to a new country to be aware of some local events and celebrations.

Store Music

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Do have a couple of your favorite music tracks on your phone. It would give you a good company, especially if you are traveling across the city. After all, there is no bigger entertainment than some good music.