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Truck Maintenance 101: Bedliners

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Truck bed liners are an added layer used as protection over the truck bed. They can either be bought as a spray, paint rolled, or a solid liner, and it is made from heavy-duty rubber or plastic.

The truck bed liner is used to coat the truck bed protecting it from UV rays, corrosion, weather, and scratches.

Why It is Important To Install Truck Bed Liners?

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Whether you are driving your truck or work truck, you need to install a bed liner. It is one of the essential items that can keep your truck safe.

Here are some of the reasons why we think bed liners are important.

Truck Bed Protection

Just as we mentioned earlier, the protect your truck from scratches, rust, dents, Ultra Violet rays, extreme weather, and corrosion.

Improves Comfort

Having bed liners installed in your truck will reduce vibrations and the noise from the truck. You can relax and drive without hearing any uncomfortable sound.

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Cargo Protection

Bed liners serve as an added cover to your truck bed. It can hold the items you are hauling on the road, keep it intact. If it is a fragile item, you won’t worry about it getting scratched or dented, and it will not fall off the truck bed.

Gives a beautiful appearance

Bed liners have a way of enhancing your truck’s appearance.  It makes your truck look clean and more professional

Types of Truck Bed Liners

There are different types of truck bed liners in the market today. You can, however, get them in three major types which are Spray-On, Drop-In, and Bed Mats.

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Spray-On/Roll-On Bed Liners

The Spray-on and roll-on liners give permanent to your truck bed. It prevents the metal from water or dirt that can cause damage to the truck bed. If you are buying this type of bed liner for protection, you should know that they are considerably expensive compared to the other types of bed liners. We recommend that you check the reviewed quality roll-on bed liners on RatedRadarDetector to determine some good products for your truck bed.

The spray-on and roll-on bed liners can only be installed by professionals. This is because of the process involved when applying it. You can get the Spray-On Liners in either polyurethane or polyurea.When you use Polyurethane, it gives a finer rubber finish while Polyurea has a harder glossy finish.

Drop-In Pickup Bed Liners

The Drop-in truck bed liners are cheaper than the Spray-On bed liners. They are also much easier to install. These bed liners are custom made and come in form-fitted plastic sheets that you can slide into the truck bed. You can secure the bed liners with the help of metal bolts.

You can get the Drop-in bed liners in two designs, the one that covers the bed rails, and the other wraps underneath. These two styles offer good protection. However, the Drop-In bed liner’s plastic can easily wear after a long time. Water can get it into it causing the truck bed to get rusted. Since this type of cover is cheap, you can easily replace it. It is well suited for people who still want their trucks protected, but can’t afford the expensive type.

Bed Mats

The truck bed mats are made from either wood, big rubber, or synthetic material. You can always remove it at will and they are also an affordable option. The bed mat does not offer full cover like the Spray-On bed liners as it only covers the floor of your truck bed. It protects your truck bed from scratches, and weather damage. Bed mats are ideal for people who use their trucks to transport lumber.

How Are Bed Liners Are Installed?

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Can you install bed liners yourself? Or would you rather hire a professional? The answer to this question depends on the type of bed liner you have chosen for your truck. When buying truck bed liners, it is important to consider one that fits the level of protection you need. Then you consider other factors like the ease of installation and the condition of your truck bed.

The Spray-On and Roll-on bed liners can not be installed without help from a professional. The installation process is more complex than the other because it requires rough sanding. It is only after the sanding is cleaned up that the bed liner is then applied.

The Drop-in bed liners don’t involve any complex process, instead, you can just slide it in the truck bed, and fasten with bolts. The same goes for bed mats which usually weigh between 15 to 30 pounds. You can add or remove them any time you want.

The Texture Of The Bed Liner

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The texture of the bed liner you buy all depends on what purpose your truck bed serves. You can either get a rough-textured bed liner or a smooth one. The rough texture is great for trucks that need to hold the cargo intact, especially during long trips.

The smooth textured bed liners are suited for trucks that load heavy objects in their truck bed. They will need to use ratchets or a tie to hold the objects intact.

Which Bed Liner Should You Get?

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Now that you know the types and textures of bed liners available and why they are important to have in your truck, it is easy to decide which one to get.  The protection bed liners offer your truck goes a long way in helping you maintain it for a long time.

It is more preferable to get Spray-On bed liners because they offer the best protection. It may be expensive installing it because of the heavy preparation work involved, but you will enjoy it in the long run. If you are thinking of costs, remember that if your truck bed gets rusted or damaged, it would cost you more to fix it.

This does not mean that the other bed liners are not worth buying. It all depends on what you want to use your truck to haul. You should get one that meets your needs and one that fits your budget.