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Can You Use a Pizza Cutter as a Rotary Cutter?

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Don’t have a rotary cutter? Fortunately, technology offers more than one route for cutting fabric. According to The Kitchen Warriors, that includes using a razor-sharp pizza cutter that can slice through several fabric layers at once, just like a rotary cutter.

This alternative way to use the pizza cutter has got us thinking about all the other clever ways it can be used. Read on to find out what this handy little device is good for aside from cutting pizza and, as we’ve now established, fabric.

Non-Pizza Things That You Can Slice With a Pizza Cutter

The pizza cutter cuts across pizza effortlessly. But did you know that it can cut any of the following just as well as, if not better than, the stuff it was originally made for?

1. Homemade Pasta or Noodles

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A pizza cutter lets you make homemade noodles or pasta whenever the mood strikes. It can slice the dough into strips quite nicely, so you won’t need those fancy machines.

2. Toast or Sandwich

Getting the crust off your toast can be troublesome. That is unless you have a pizza cutter. A single pass of this handy tool is all it takes to remove those irritating crusts off your toasts or sandwiches.

The cutter also allows you to cut your toast or sandwich into more manageable slices. That way, if you’re not that hungry, you won’t need to finish the entire thing.

3. Herbs

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Cutting herbs using a knife can be difficult, especially for someone less skilled. You could end up squishing your herbs and spices and possibly ruining your dish.
If you’re not all that confident with your chopping skills, use a sharp pizza cutter instead of a knife when doing herbs. You’ll be surprised how it gets things done more efficiently.

A pizza wheel continuously turns in both directions, making it great for chopping herbs. Run over those bunched-up herbs with your pizza cutter in a back and forth motion until they’re sliced just like you want.

4. Brownies

A sharp knife should be able to cut through those brownie layers just fine. But try using a pizza cutter, and you’ll notice how faster and cleaner it cuts.

5. Quesadillas

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Some people might be fine with imperfectly cut quesadillas, but we’re not some people. That’s why we need a pizza cutter instead of a knife for cutting these Mexican culinary creations. A pizza cutter cuts so finely and cleanly it won’t give you the least bit of trouble.

Quesadillas that are fresh from the oven are particularly tricky to slice because of the melted cheese. Using a knife to slice up this appetizer is a surefire way to get cheese strings all over the place.

Not only does using a pizza cutter mean you won’t have this problem. It will also mean you can cut quesadillas into bite-sized pieces without chipping the sides off.

6. Marshmallows

Who doesn’t love marshmallows dipped in hot chocolate? Sign us up for all that pillowy and chocolatey deliciousness, please!
If the sizes aren’t right, use a pizza cutter to cut your marshmallows into smaller pieces. Knives work, too, but they won’t go well with the set-up.

7. Lettuce

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Shredding lettuce with a knife makes you want to hurl something at the wall (not you’re fine China, please!). Okay, so maybe you won’t go that far.

Still, using a pizza cutter makes things a lot less risky. You can use these handy tools to shred lettuce for taco toppings or chopped salad with little effort.

Speaking of salad toppers, create crispy versions using the pizza wheel. Just cut the tortilla into strips, season them, fry them, and then sprinkle them all over your salad for some crunchy goodness.

8. Flatbread

When toasted, flatbread can become quite brittle. That makes knives a no-go for slicing unless you want the sides to crumble. Slice it up using a pizza cutter and witness brilliance!

9. Veggies

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Cutting veggies for a dish can take the better part of the entire preparation. Speed things up with a pizza cutter. Nope, knives won’t do it this time.

You want this made-for-pizza slicer to slice and dice your peppers, onions, and celery. That way, you can get the job done in half the time.

10. Biscuit Dough

Baking biscuits should be a breeze with a pizza cutter. This tool can cut dough into biscuit sizes effortlessly. Even sticky biscuits don’t stand a chance. It also works as well if you’re baking monkey bread.

11. Pancakes

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Some kids get turned off by too-large pancake sizes. Cut pancakes into even, bite-sized pieces using a pizza cutter. A knife should work, too, but it will make the job more time-consuming.

12. Ham

Ever thought of making cubed ham steak? You can cut the ham into cubes with little effort using a pizza cutter. That thick meat is no match for this tool’s razor-sharp, circular blade.

13. Ravioli

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In the absence of ravioli-making equipment, use a pizza cutter. Roll out your pasta dough and lay on some of your favorite fillings, making sure they’re spaced evenly.

Cover the entire thing with another layer of pasta and press them together in between heaps of filling. Then, use a pizza cutter to slice between the rows in both directions to create little, even chunks of flavor.

14. Grapes

If making your favorite fruit salad requires you to split grapes in half, don’t worry about doing it with a knife.
A pizza cutter is all you need to zip across these gel-like fruits. It should help you get the task done in no time.

The Pizza Cutter Is for More Than Just Cutting Pizza

There are fifteen other things you can slice, cut, shred, or chop using the pizza cutter that isn’t pizza, including fabric. And that’s not even half of it!

Using your imagination and creativity, you should be able to drum up other ways to use this tool other than what’s mentioned in this article.

Keep in mind, though, that most of these alternative cutting options will only work with a razor-sharp pizza cutter. So if yours has gotten a bit dull, restore its sharpness using a whetstone or a diamond sharpener.