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5 Bitcoin Alternatives that Might Get Attention in 2024

There is no reason to speak too much about digital currencies. We are sure that people already know what they are and how they function. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is the most popular crypto in the world. We can’t say for sure how long it will stay in the first place on that list. However, we can also say it is not the only one people should put into consideration.

Despite that, there is a reason why people hesitate to invest in that digital currency. First of all, many people can’t afford to invest a lot. The price of one BTC while you are reading this article is around $20 800. People that deal with a lack of cash flow are afraid to invest all of their savings. Because of that, they are looking for perspective alternatives that can help them ensure financial stability.

2020 is one of those years that the entire humankind would like to forget. We should all look into the future and see what things are expecting us next year. Of course, the crypto world is full of uncertainty, and it is hard to predict many things. However, some insights confirm that investing in some of the BTC alternatives may be smart. We will highlight those that might get your attention and help you reach the goal that you have. Let’s find them out together.


Source: Bitnewstoday

The history of Tron is not too long. More precisely, it exists for around 3 years, but it managed to gain massive popularity. It is one of the digital currencies that is built on the Ethereum network. However, this currency hasn’t gained massive popularity because it seemed trendy. One of the features you will like is the unique algorithm that crypto is using. It is known as proof-of-stake that ensures the processing of safe transactions. According to different crypto experts, the price of this coin is going to jump next year. Approximately, the price of each coin will raise for up to $0.4.

2. Litecoin

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Litecoin is already a popular digital currency that is making progress regularly. It seems the same growing trend will continue in the next year as well. Just like the previous one, this digital currency does not exist for a long time. Investors got the chance to invest in Litecoin back in 2017. Since then, its value jumped by around 8000%. The strong market cap is the main reason why people believe it will continue to be successful next year. More precisely, there are big chances it will be even higher than now. According to certain predictions, the value of the LTC is going to be around $600. We will soon see if these predictions were correct or not.

3. Ethereum

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Writing this list without mentioning Ethereum would be a big mistake. Many BTC investors and crypto experts will agree Ethereum is the number one alternative to Bitcoin. More precisely, you will manage to find many people that are investing in both currencies. So far, the highest price of Ethereum has been around $480. However, that doesn’t mean the value will remain the same next year. The big demand for this cryptocurrency will surely raise it for a couple of months.

4. Zcash

Source: Forbes

Another digital currency that managed to become popular for only four years. Zcash function thanks to Bitcoin codes. However, that doesn’t mean these two digital currencies are the same. The reason why Zcash was invented in 2016 was simple. Developers of this amazing alternative wanted to make all the transactions and payments more private.

Because of that, you have to be aware of some specific rules. First of all, the users won’t get the chance to check the past transactions. In that way, people won’t have the chance to get insights into the private data of other users. Some people will say that is a huge advantage, while others will disagree. However, that depends on the requirements and expectations you have.

The current price of Zcash is around $69. We believe that piece of information will cause a smile on the faces of many future investors. However, they can also be sure the price will grow next year. According to certain crypto experts, that will happen in the first half of the next year.

5. Cardano

Source: Ethereum World News

If lack of money is the problem that you don’t know how to solve, then Cardano deserves your full attention. The value of Cardano is currently only $0.15. That means you won’t have to invest a fortune to start your journey. However, the statistics predict the price of one Cardano is going to be around $1.5 in the first half of next year.

There is a good reason why statistics show something like that. Cardano started using Hydra. It is a scalability solution that makes the entire Cardano system more powerful. Believe it or not, the network has the capacity to complete around 1 million transactions every second. The speed of transactions is one of the main reasons why digital currencies have become popular for short time. Because of that, we are sure many investors will gladly use that opportunity.

Final Thought – Entire Crypto World Deserves Your Attention in 2024

These digital currencies are the best alternatives to Bitcoin that deserve your attention. However, it doesn’t matter which one you will choose. The entire crypto world is making progress regularly and attracts many people in that way.

For instance, have you ever heard about BTCPay? It is a type of processor that supports open-source installations. In that way, it empowers online traders to acknowledge all BTCs as installment types. You can check knowtechie.com and get familiar with that improvement a bit more. Read all the crypto news regularly and try to figure out which ones deserve your attention.