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Types of Slot Machines

For players nowadays are waiting all types of slot machines and they are really variable. But what do they all mean? Free online slots such as https://www.baocasino.com/games/slots, like everything else, can be divided into several varieties. This categorization may be based on several different factors. This article discusses some of the most common classifications of these machines.

Types of Slot Machines

They have significantly changed for the last. Basic ones are considered to be three-reel games, and they are characterized by highly interactive form of entertainment.

They have many specific features and for them is a typical three-dimensional graphic. Also should be highlighted exciting sound.

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Number of reels

Rotating symbols are called “reels”. Previously, they were just large coils made of metal. They were placed physically inside the machine and rotated there. But nowadays there is only a representative function. In most cases nowadays reels are just screens with pictures.

In classic ones there are three reels. But in case if we are talking about modern slot machines, for them typical are five reels. Extra reels give a possibility to get larger jackpots, but at the same time with them it’s much harder to win a prize.

Number of pay lines

Traditional slot machines have one payline – right in the center of the three reels. The game pays you money is a case of certain combination on the screen.

More modern ones will have several paylines on five reels. Some of these lines will be quite complex, but they increase the player’s chances to win at least something in each spin. Some machines have 3 lines, 5 lines or even 25 lines. One of the new types of slots is called “243 lines”, which makes full use of the entire concept of paylines – if you have collected any combination of winning symbols from left to right, the machine will pay you money.

Also should be highlighted bonus games and special wild symbols that work in various ways. And this is what we can talk about right now. Of course, more varieties of slot machines will be developed in the coming years.

Loose vs Tight Slot Machines

These “varieties” are almost completely subjective. A loose game is one that makes more frequent payouts, while a tight one has the opposite tendency.

However, an ordinary casino client is not able to estimate the payout percentage on a separate slot machine, so saying that a game is loose is just an opinion. However, you can find a large number of opinions on this issue in various forums about gambling, especially with regard to online games.

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Ground vs Online vs Fruit Slots

Slot machines are played online. These games work in the same way with traditional Vegas ones, but all cash transactions are also processed using the Internet.

Online slots have a lot of advantages and disadvantages in comparison to their ground-based counterparts.

One of the main disadvantages of playing online is that you do not get your winnings instantly. They are sent to your casino account, so you need to withdraw money from there, which usually includes a certain amount of time for processing the transaction both through the payment department of the casino itself and through any cash out method that you use.

Video Slots (Video Era)

They are presented on online venues and in land gambling halls. The main difference between such devices is the lack of physical reels with symbols. Video slots are based on computing programs and electronic control mechanisms.

Our site contains a large list of these machines from popular manufacturers. Licensed demo copies of the original devices allow you to play for free and get acquainted with the bonus features and rules of the game.

Today, the concept of “video slots” is used as a synonym for these machines, so it has lost its primary special meaning.


In most aspects such games are similar to video slots. But in some casinos, especially Australian, official name is Pokies games.

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3D slots

These are mostly associated with the popular Betsoft game providers, but, of course, most providers also have their own versions.

There is a range of exclusive 3D slots from Betsoft, such as the Reels of Wealth, where characters and features can look like 3D rather than 2D. The graphics here are perfect, but the principle is the same.

AWP or SWP slots

You probably will not encounter these conditions too often, but we will talk about them just in case. Online slots, if you play them in a brothel or in an arcade, can be called AWP (Amusement with Prize) or SWP (Skill with Prize).

There is usually an adjustment to have lower payout limits, and are generally not designed for a modern video slot. For some are needed special skills, but in the end, everything is doomed to luck, as in any other type of these machines that we talked about today.

Fully equipped now?

This list shows almost all the machines that are available nowadays. You might think that this is a lot to remember, but as soon as you start game, you will see it’s not that difficult.

Never think that you need to play a game that does not suit you. If you don’t like one, just go on to the next and play responsible.