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Most Attractive Online Casino Games You Can Play

Gambling can be tons of fun, especially if you do it online and from the comfort of your own home. When gambling was first introduced to the public, there weren’t really lots of games that you could play, but the case today is completely different. Apart from the traditional roulette and poker games that you can see at any casino, at online casinos we have a lot of different games now that are more interactive and fun to play. Let’s take a look at some of the best examples.

Reef Run Online Slot

Probably one of the most interactive online casino games that you can play, reef run allows you to have fun while also winning some money if you are being lucky enough. The game is set in an underwater environment with a lot of sea creatures involved, so if you are into something like this, this might be just the right game for you. If you somehow manage to get three or more same creatures in a row, you might receive an amazing award that gives you up to sixty free spins. Isn’t that amazing?

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House of Doom Online Slot

If you feel like Reef Run was too “soft” for your taste, House of Doom is here to change that feeling immediately. This game is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before at a casino. It’s horror-themed and features an adventure that conjures memories out of scary films and childhood visits to haunted houses at the fair. Although it’s scary, it offers some pretty amazing awards, so if you manage to get three symbols in a line you can quickly turn that fear into happiness. Feel free to visit this website if you are interested.

Rise / Dawn of the Planet Apes

Who said that casino games have to be boring? Are you a fan of movies? If the answer is yes, then there are great chances you’ve already seen Rise of the Planet Apes”, or the sequel, “Dawn of the Planet Apes”. Well, now there’s a game that you can play at online casinos which features characters from the movies as icons, so you can have some fun while winning money at the same time. Tune in for some cinematic action!

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Playboy Gold Slot

We’ve recently heard about the tragic news of Hugh Hefner, and it shocked many of us. In his honor, Microgaming made the Playboy Gold Slot game that quickly became very popular and can now be played at most online casinos. It is pretty obvious what kind of a theme this one has, but for those of you who didn’t get it yet, it’s based on Playboy’s theme, and it features beautiful girls and models. If you are fan of this and you enjoy some virtual female companion while gambling, this game is definitely for you. It has some extra features that we’re not really going to uncover, so go ahead and try it at your favorite online casino. The girls on-screen are pretty beautiful though, so make sure that you don’t get way too caught up into it.