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Travis Milne Net Worth 2024

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Travis Milne is a Canadian actor, most famous for his roles in TV series Back to Back and Rookie Blue. Currently, he lives and works in Alberta, Canada.

Early life and career

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George Travis Darlod Milne, or shortly Travis, is born in Alberta, Canada, on 18th July 1986. Travis grew up with his parents George and Patricia. Travis has mixed origins, as he has family members who come from Norway, Ireland, Czech Republic, and Scotland. Ever since he was a little boy, he showed up interest in acting, and he attended several acting lessons while he was in high school. After graduation, Travis joined RDC theatre and started an amateur acting career. Alongside his colleagues, Travis managed to enter the acting world and meet people from casting agencies and such.

As usual, Travis began his television acting career, by first appearing in short movies series. Therefore, his first project was a movie called Regurgration in 2006. There he worked with actress Samantha Deutscher and director Harley Hay.

One year after, Travis got recruited for a movie Rare, and in 2008 he got to play the role of Dane in Hope for the Broken Contender.

After 2008, Travis’ acting career flourished and started to get parts in movies such as Nearlyweds, Summer Love, Confessions of Go-Go girl, and TV series like My Greenhouse. Moreover, his career reached a turning point when he went to the U.S., where he appeared in series Back to Back, Bionic Woman, and later, in Canadian police drama series Rookie Blue. These series launched him at the top, and after that, Travis became widely known, and his talent was officially acknowledged both in Canada and the U.S.

Personal life

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Travis Milne is a single and probably most desirable available actor in Canada today. However, he rarely shows up with anyone in public, so many are questioning his relationship status. One of the most likely scenarios is that Travis is dating someone anonymous in secret and that he doesn’t like to expose himself publically before things get official. Also, Travis is very dedicated to his career, and he may be very business-oriented. Thus, he doesn’t have time to dedicate to someone.

In case you want to inform more about Travis’s personal life, you can follow him on Instagram, where he has more than 1.5k followers worldwide. However, on his account, Travis mostly posts pictures of his car, friends, and his job. Besides that, Travis is obsessed with the architecture and decoration of space. Therefore, he often posts and talks about DIY at home and how to improve your living space.

Travis Milne Net Worth 2024

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Travis Milne is a young and successful actor in Canada and the U.S., as well. Thus, he has created enough money for himself so that he can enjoy and drive around in his fancy cars. Travis has Mazda MX – 5 Miata cabriolet car from 1993 edition, and he drives everywhere with it. The car cost him $4 thousand. Also, he lives in his house in Alberta, Canada, which cost him $60 thousand. Moreover, his net worth for this year is $4 million.