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Tommy Zizzo Net Worth 2024

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Having fame and recognition, as well as the fortune that comes with it, alongside other things, is something many people strive to achieve nowadays. Today, with modern technology and various social media platforms, as well as the existence of YouTube, people all over the world, have an easier way to be famous.

However, some never wanted the attention that they gained. Being a child of a celebrity can also make you a star too. Some use it to name their own names glorious and to cast aside the famous parents that gave them that fame. Other children of the famous parents decide to go on a different path, and they choose the career that is going to place them under the radar.

One of those children is Tommy Zizzo. He is a child of Erika Girardi, a singer, actress, and an author that is highly recognized all over the world. Tommy Zizzo didn’t want that kind of life for himself, and he went to school to become a police officer. If you want to know more about this successful young man, as well as what is his net worth in this 2019 year, then we suggest that you take a further read into our article.


Source: realityblurb

Tommy Zizzo was born in 1994, in New York City, located in the United States of America. His mother is Erika Girardi, who is mostly known around the world as Erika Jayne. Erika Jayne is a famous singer and actress. Erika Jayne was born on July 10, 1971, and she is currently 48 years old. She gave birth to Tommy Zizzo in 1994, and Tommy’s father’s name is Thomas Zizzo. In 1996 the two divorced, and Erika Jayne became a single mother to a little Tommy, who was only 18 months at the time. In 1999, Erika married Thomas Girardi, and they have been together since. The most notable roles Erika Jayne had in her career were roles in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Dancing With the Stars and The Young and the Restless.

There is little information about Tommy Zizzo and his early life. His childhood wasn’t the best that he could have, as his parents got divorced when he was just two years old, and he didn’t get to see his father very often. Ever since he was a young boy, he was under the public eye, as his mother was very popular. Everyone wanted to know what is going on in her life, and therefore, everyone was more than interested to get to know little Tommy as well. However, Tommy Zizzo wasn’t interested in leading that kind of life. Tommy Zizzo went on to attend a police academy, and he eventually graduated.


Tommy Zizzo always knew that he wanted to end up in law enforcement, so he did whatever he could so he could achieve his dream. He graduated from the police academy, and soon afterward he found a job. Today, he is going from Los Angeles, which is located in the state of California, in the United States of America and New Jersey. He is doing an excellent job in his line of work, and he is focusing on maintaining a low profile, despite the fact that his mother is a famous reality TV star, singer and an actress.

Personal life

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There aren’t any major known facts about Tommy Zizzo and his personal life. Erika Jayne herself hasn’t shared too much information about her son, and what kind of life is Zizzo leading, and therefore we couldn’t gather more information to share them with you. Tommy Zizzo is leading a peaceful and quiet life, and he is 25 years old at this moment. As far as we know, he isn’t in any kind of a relationship, as his constant going back and forth from Los Angeles to New Jersey, due to his work, are not allowing him to focus on anything more, like maintaining a romantic relationship. The biggest work he is currently doing is for LAPD, and we thank him for the services he is providing us.

Tommy Zizzo Net Worth 2024

Tommy Zizzo is an individual, and the earnings and income he has come from just what he has achieved in his life as an individual. His estimated net worth in 2024 is around $500,000.