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Tiesto Net Worth 2024

Tiesto is one of the most popular DJs in the world, having millions and millions of fans. He is 48 years old, and now he basically became a legend. Even though he has many competitors, he is still the king of electronic music.

His current net worth is around $175 million, and it seems like he isn’t planning on retiring any time soon.

Early Life

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Tijs Michiel Verwest was born on January 17, 1969, in the Netherlands. He became interested in music when he was twelve years old, and then two years later he became the official DJ at school parties.

After that Tiesto started playing music at various clubs, and that lasted from 1985 to 1994.

Music Career

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The general manager of Basic Beat Recordings discovered him in 1994, and that is how his rise to fame started. In the following years, he created series of mix CDs that became quite popular. In 2001 he released his first solo album called My Memory. In 2004, he released a second studio album called Just Be.

His third album, which came out in 2007 was titled Elements of Life.

In 2015, he won a Grammy Award for Best Remixed Recordings for his version of John Legend’s song called All of Me.

Other Projects

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His most profitable projects are for sure his tours and DJ gigs. Another part of his income comes from his DJ residency in Las Vegas.

House and Cars

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Even though he is rich and famous, Tiesto likes to keep his feet on the ground.

He bought a minimalistic town-house in Miami in 2009. However, he sold it recently since he spends most of his time in hotels. That is one of the reasons he doesn’t have a lasting relationship, so he spends most of the time with European models. When it comes to his cars, he has an Aston Martin DB9, a bright red Rolls Roys Wraith and a Mercedes G-Wagon.

Tiesto Net Worth 2024

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According to Forbes, he makes around $40 million a year. He earned a bit less than $40 million in 2011, but in 2013 he earned more than $50 million and even reached the number of $70 million in 2015. As of 2024, DJ Tiesto’s net worth is estimated at $175 million.