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Three Rs of NHL Betting – Research, Research, Research

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We’ve all seen it, the NHL bettors who consistently beat the bookies, posting winner after winner, heaping profit on profit. We hate their gloating and the fact they were born with the magic touch. It’s just not fair. Some people get all the luck while you seemingly fill the bookies’ pockets. According to mytopsportsbooks.com this is something you can fix.
There’s no magic touch. There’s a famous saying that sports teams have adopted in recent years, and that’s ‘the harder I work, the luckier I get’. It’s as true for sports stars as it is for sports bettors. The more work you put into your bets, the more success you’ll enjoy. Research is king when preparing to place a bet on NHL. On this page, we look at some areas you must research in detail before parting with your stake money on an NHL match.

Form and league standings

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When researching your bets on an NHL match, you’ll want to start with the league standings and form. Look through the divisions and check which teams are doing well and which are struggling. Then check the fixture list and hope to find a form team visiting a side that has fallen on hard times. League standings are important but not as much as form. You could have a team lower in the division near the end of the season that is flying, reeling off wins as they finish strong. The side higher in the pecking order may have already achieved their goal for the regular season and are winding down. Look at the middle of the list if you’re after a value bet.

Head-to-head stats

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Some teams and players perform better against certain opposition, and it’s worth having that knowledge on your side. Research the head-to-head stats between two teams. Look for a pattern in the results. Has one side won the majority of games against their opponent? Has there been lots of goals scored or nervy, tight games? Try to find a player that has scored in most games in a fixture. Armed with this information, you can pick through the betting. Go for the form team to win the match or predict the over/under on the total points scored. The best betting sites will also offer customers handicap betting, giving the underdog a points head start and the favourites a certain number of goals to make up.

Injury news and gossip

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Injury news is essential, and you should be up to speed on all the details before placing a bet. There is no point backing a player to score the opening goal or taking a certain team to win on the handicap if the squad is ravaged by injury. Perhaps a manager is protecting his star player. It’ll help you beat the bookies to have all the info. The gossip columns and fanzine articles aren’t always a reliable source, but if there are rumours of an argument or trouble in the dressing room, it could be essential to your bets. Don’t pay too much attention to everything you read on these types of sites, but we would suggest glancing at the headlines before betting.

Best odds

As with any sport, you want to get the best odds when making your bets. A winning bet is great, but not if you could have made the same selection at higher odds simply by shopping around. The differences in odds may be small, but they all add up over the year.
Check any odds comparison website before betting to see which bookie offers the best odds on your picks. The bookmaker offering the highest odds on your bets is the one you should bet with. This is true of every bet you place. You should aim to get every bet down at market best odds or joint best. Anything less should be seen as giving away money to the bookies. This is why the most profitable bettors open an account with as many online bookies as possible. Having several accounts with different firms increases your chances of taking advantage of the best odds. There’s also the benefit of receiving multiple welcome bonuses—more on that next.

Most generous bonuses

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Most online sportsbooks offer customers a range of bonuses and promotions. These come in many different shapes and sizes and include free bets, enhanced odds, cashback and profit boost. Check what your site is offering before betting. You could find a great deal.
It may also be worth opening an account with a new betting site before gambling and grabbing the welcome bonus. The top apps welcome new players with a free bet that can be used on NHL and other top sports. You can join the most reputable bookies but a premium service, but don’t overlook the newer sites.

In most cases, new bookies have to work twice as hard to stand out from the crowd and catch your eye. To achieve this, the marketing team pushes the boat out and gives big free bets. The most common type of welcome bonus available to new customers is the deposit matched bet. This is a promo that works well for both bookie and bettor. Register at an online betting app, then make your first deposit and bet. You will then receive a free bet that is equal to your first bet. For example, if you bet $100 on an NHL match, you’ll bank a $100 welcome bonus to use on the sports of your choice.

Let’s begin

If you are ready to improve your betting experience, you can kick off today. Choose the bookmaker you want to create an account with, then visit their site or mobile app. You can join by filling in the registration form, which takes less than three minutes to complete. You must follow this process only once. In future, simply login to your betting account with your username and password.