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What to Do if Your iPhone is Working But the Screen is Black – 2024 Guide

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Is your iPhone on, but your entire screen is black? If you hear it ringing but you can’t answer the call, it may be time to reset your iPhone and try some other practical tips.

Stop letting it run out of battery and stop turning it and plugging it back on, it will do you more harm than justice. Rather look into our article and possible solutions of your iPhone black screen fixes.

So, why did your iPhone screen go black?

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Your iPhone black screen is a common issue for most people worldwide, believe it or not. Working with a black screen is more often than not an indicator of a hardware issue. A software crash can make your iPhone freeze, and it will make your screen turn from black to iPhone white screen + you can experience other complications. This is why a hard reset might be a good idea for you.

Simply press the power button and the home button for 10 seconds at the same time. If your Apple logo appears on the screen you are in the clear.

You should take a look inside your phone

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You can take a quick look inside your phone to inspect it and to see if everything is in place (if you’re not too scared to open it up on your own). Your display and its logic board will play a huge role when it comes to the iOS system repair.

  • The logic board is the main part of your phone (it is the brains of it all), and the screen in itself is easy and fully removable. This is because:
  • Your LCD screen is used for different images and its broadcast
  • There is the digitizer option – you touch it with your finger and operate your phone
  • Your home button
  • Back finger scan

For most people, their iPhone screen is black because the LCD cable is struggling to touch and connect with the logic board. If your LCD cable is too short, broken, or misplaced – it is best to take your iPhone to the Apple Store to have it replaced and fixed.

So, how can you truly judge if it is a hardware or a firmware issue?

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The most important part when fixing the iPhone black screen is to understand if:

  • You have dropped it recently
  • Is the iPhone stuck in recovery mode
  • Are you dealing with an iPhone error 4013
  • Did your iPhone stuck on Apple logo
  • Did you purchase it from an authorized seller

In case you’ve dropped it or if you have fully soaked it in water – you are probably looking at a hardware issue. If every hardware component is functioning on its own, but your screen is still pitch black, then the reason for your iPhone black screen could be related to a software issue.

How to approach a software issue in this case?

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If you want a system repair for your iPhone black screen you should ask for help and have the best app that can resolve it right away and on spot. There is an application for your laptop that can help you quickly resolve the iPhone white screen, iPhone black screen, as well as the black screen of death. This app runs on Windows and MAC + it is beginner-friendly, as well as easy to use for most models.

How to use it?

Well, simply download the app and launch it from the screen and from your computer/laptop. Connect your phone with the USB cable and go for the standard mode as your chosen feature. After a couple of minutes, this app will resolve the problem and help with your automatic fix. The best part about this method? You will not lose your data! + it is beginner-friendly and easy to use on all iPhone models.

You can also fix your iPhone black screen with the help of iTunes

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You can always go for the help of iTunes if you’re working with a black screen. However, this technique will make you lose your data and everything will be restored. Are you okay with restoring your data and factory settings? If you are a sentimental person heads up since this solution may not suit you. Also, restoring your phone and your iTunes does not mean that your black screen issue will be resolved, so it is a gamble in itself and a risk to take. Are you willing to do it?

How do you fix your screen if you’re working with a hardware problem?

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Step 1: Charge your battery fully for this step. If the charging went smoothly this is a good sign. However, in case it didn’t, your port could be damaged and not the battery, so make sure that you inspect it.

Step 2: If your charger is messed up get yourself a new one and see if it will perform better & differently with your phone and the black screen.

Step 3: If you can’t find the trigger or the issue you can bring your phone to your Apple Store.

Step 4: In most cases, experts will understand the problem straight away, and oftentimes the issue has something to do with your screen and not its software. This repair task is not too pricey or time-consuming.

How can you prevent your iPhone black screen in the future?

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You should always charge your battery to 100%, do not play around with it and let it drain out, nor charge it little by little and 1% at a time

  • Use high-quality chargers
  • Get yourself a third party app only from a reliable source
  • Install a virus scanner and avoid potential attacks
  • Do not use jailbreak since it can make an impact on your battery
  • Ask the Apple Support team if you’re struggling with something major right away

Where to get help?

If you’re still dealing with iPhone black screen click here and have your questions answered and your problems fixed! They have an amazing app that will help you with system repair that you can use straight from your laptop + there is a helpful guide on any & every iPhone-related issue. Enjoy their price, approach, as well as their help center and full Toolkit for Android and iPhone users.