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2023-24 UEFA Champions League: Who Are the Top Contenders?

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The UEFA is one of the most prestigious sports events in Europe. As of writing this article, the teams are now participating in the Group Stage, and depending on how this one goes, not everyone will be able to participate in the 2024 UEFA Champions League. So, making an early guess this early on can rather be risky. Still, if you want to look into the early favorites for the title, here are the top contenders you can watch out for.

UEFA Champions League

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The UEFA’s 69th season of Europe’s premier club football tournament presents the 2024-24 UEFA Champions League this year. The event will occur on Saturday, June 1, 2024, in the Wembley Stadium in London, England.

Winners of this event will automatically qualify for the 70th season of the UEFA Champions League and play against the 2024-24 UEFA Europa League winners in the 2024 UEFA Super Cup. If things go well, they can also have the chance to enter the 32-team 2025 FIFA Club World Cup in the United States.

After the August 31 group stage draw, this is how the groups are looking like:

  • Group A. Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Galatasaray, FC Copenhagen
  • Group B. Arsenal PSV, Sevilla, Lens
  • Group C. Real Madrid, Braga, Napoli, Union Berlin
  • Group D. Benfica, Real Sociedad, Inter, Salzburg
  • Group E. Atletico Madrid, Celtic, Lazio, Feyenoord
  • Group F. AC Milan, Borussia Dortmund, Paris Saint-Germain, Newcastle
  • Group G. Manchester City, RB Leipzig, Crvena Zvezda (Red Star Belgrade, Young Boys
  • Group H. Porto, Antwerp, Barcelona, Shakhtar Donetsk

2023-24 UEFA Champions League Odds

This season’s top three favorites are the same teams who made much noise the previous season. If you plan to participate in online betting, then it would help you to look into this top playing football club at the moment. So, heading right in, here are the top three favorites of the season’s Champion League.

Manchester City

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Man City is in Group A for the 2024 UEFA Champions League Group Stage. As the defending champion, it’s a surprise to see the same team as the favorite to win this season’s Champions League. The team holds the top favorite to advance to the Champions League after winning three games in the group stage.

Their recent achievements include winning three consecutive Premier League titles in 2020-21, 2021-22, and 2022-23. This feat is what the fans call a treble-winning campaign. As such, many people are looking forward to whether Man City can further earn a quadruple achievement. Manchester City is the first in the UEFA coefficient standings as of 2024.

If things go well with the team and winning the projected results, earning the UEFA Champions League title would be an easy feat.

Bayern Munich

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Wagering on Bayern Munich to win this season would also be a good choice. This team isn’t too far from Manchester City in terms of odds. Although they had a hard time beating Galatasaray and Copenhagen this season, the result matters most. It’s no surprise since it’s the same team that was only the second to win a sextuple after winning the 2020 FIFA Club World Cup.

In case you didn’t know, a sextuple win includes winning the League, Cup, and Champions League in one season. After that, it’s followed by the Domestic Supercup, UEFA Supercup, and the Club World Cup. If they can beat their odds and put their mind to it, fans might see Bayern Munich against another team in the finals.

Real Madrid

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Real Madrid is one of the teams that had a great start in the group stage. With a great impression, they just have to keep up and push through to the finals. In fact, Real Madrid has an exciting history and merits that you should know.

One is being recognized as the greatest football club of the 20th century by FIFA, the international governing body of football, beach soccer, and futsal. Not only that, but IFFHS also recognized Real Madrid as the best European club at the same time and received the FIFA Centennial Order of Merit in 2004.

Additionally, the team holds the highest participation in the European Cup/Champions League with 42 appearances, in which they hold the overall record for the most draws, wins, and most goals scored. That’s why, despite being in third place in terms of odds, it will not be too much of a surprise if they appear in the 2024-24 UEFA Champions League. Thus, many fans await the day this will come.

Final Thoughts

The UEFA holds probably the most prominent football games, and this year, they yet again present one of the most awaited games. So, if you’re among the many people waiting for the 2024-24 UEFA Champions League, you’re in for many fans. For now, presented above are the top teams that you can follow. If you plan to bet for the huge event, looking at how things will go from now would be the best decision. So, don’t forget to sign up for your favorite sportsbook!