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The Importance of Email Verification

Digital marketing is a huge part of every business’s marketing campaign. The Internet plays a major role in all of our lives and it has affected every aspect of them. Knowing that, you can see why marketers would see it as an inextricable part of marketing strategies. One important aspect of digital marketing is email marketing. People still use and rely on their email addresses. The majority of us opens our inboxes at least once a day for many different reasons. Companies know that which is why they often decide to contact you via email.

Email offers marketers a direct and intimate way to reach their customers and subscribers. The majority of people say that they prefer to receive the news about updates and promotions offered by companies via email instead of through social media platforms. That is why companies collect emails from users and send regular emails. It helps them stay relevant on the market and prevents people from forgetting about the company.

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However, during the email collection phase, mistakes can happen. Sometimes, a typo can occur, someone can give you a fake email address, or the users simply stop using that email. In order for companies to be sure that they are in fact reaching their users, they need to verify the emails and clear their email list from the email addresses that aren’t being used. This website offers a way to get the email verification process done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. And here’s why the verification process is important.

  • Firstly, you want to be sure you are reaching the users. If a half of your emails are never read, then what is the point of your email marketing? You are just wasting time, energy, and money on something that isn’t bringing results.
  • Secondly, you want to eliminate hard bounces. Hard bounces and sender score are two terms every marketer should be familiar with. Hard bounce means that your email hasn’t been delivered and your sender score defines your relevance and keeps you in users’ inboxes instead of the spam folder. Hard bounces are the main reason that your sender score drops. Before sending the emails, you need to clean your email list in order to increase your deliverability and your sender score.
  • Reduce spam complaints. You don’t want to have any spam complaints, but it is inevitable those will happen from time to time.
    Another thing that can happen is for you to be placed on a blacklist. That will prevent your emails from being accepted by the server and will significantly decrease your sender score. While some blacklists are more challenging to leave, others will de-list you automatically after a certain period. Getting your data from valid and trustworthy sources and keeping your email list nice and clean are the main ways to prevent your sender score from dropping and to keep yourself off of blacklists.
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Other than verifying the emails, you should also try avoiding spam bots and knowing your data sources well. Select your partners carefully and keep an eye on the quality of the data they are delivering.