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5 Things Men Are Too Embarrassed to Admit

Historically, men and women have been brought up according to vastly different norms. Therefore traditionally, the men of the modern world are still expected to behave differently in various everyday situations especially in regards to and when compared to the gentler gender. However, times are changing and the world has long entered a phase in human history where equality in all forms of its meaning is the dominant aspect in society. Some men find it hard to keep up with the changing times and are hesitant or completely unwilling to admit some things they deem embarrassing about themselves. There is a multitude of things an average guy may be embarrassed to admit or talk about, so in order to help them, here is a list of the most common things men are afraid of mentioning and how and why they should not feel that way in 2024.

1. Insecurity

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Most people are insecure about some part of their life, whether it is some of their physical features or perhaps their beliefs, careers, or hobbies. This is true for men too of course, and no matter how sure they are in themselves overall, there is usually that one thing that can bring it all crashing down. For example, when it comes to the ideal male body, a lot of men are insecure about their physique because they are not satisfied with how tall or fit they are, or if they can have a full beard. Like women, guys have their own beauty standards set for them, lead by famous people as examples. Athletes, singers, and actors are thought of as the perfect examples of masculinity, so naturally normal everyday people chase these goals in order to fit in. When they realize it is virtually impossible to look like that without strict workout regimes and diets, which are hard to achieve with normal jobs and salaries, they become depressed. Like women, men should not be obsessed with unrealistic goals set by the modern entertainment industry and embrace equality no matter the physical differences. There is beauty in everything and it is more important who you are as a person.

2. Being in Love

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Traditionally, ladies are more inclined and encouraged to show their feelings and “chase” being in love and showing it. When a girl is in love everyone knows it, their best friends and family included. For the guys, things are not that easy nor accepted because they are supposed to be the stronger gender, stable like a rock, showing no feelings, and keeping a certain level of seriousness. Or at least that is how things were before. Other guys would find their friend’s admitting to being in love as a sign of weakness, after which they would mock him or isolate him, often expecting from him to forget about the guys in favor of the girl he likes. This is emotionally unhealthy, as is keeping in any kind of feeling. Guys of today are encouraged to show all of their feelings and talk about them, especially when they are in love. Friends should comfort each other and give advice, not be mean because someone is happy and is currently loving and living life to the fullest.

3. Unwillingness to Make Love

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According to Men’s Group, The media and the entertainment business have both long been showing the public that men are always ready and willing to make love to their partners, no matter the surrounding circumstances. Of course, this is far from the truth, but men are hesitant to admit it to escape embarrassment. “How are you not in the mood, you are a man!” Things like this are very inconsiderate and rude because just like a woman may be feeling down, tired, or simply unwilling to be intimate with her partner at the moment, the man could experience the same things. It takes two to enjoy these moments with your partner. If one of them is not really there, if they are experiencing some worries or problems in their private or business life and cannot seem to focus and enjoy, the other person should not force it no matter their gender. Men should be allowed not to want to have sex for whatever reason, and not be made to explain themselves any more than the women. We are all human.

4. Being into Kinky Stuff

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Plenty of guys are embarrassed by the things they are into and find attractive, all because they were either judged or made fun of in the past. This happens both when discussing it among the friends, predominantly guys, as well as when it is time to talk bout it with a girl. Different people find different things attractive and arousing, and as long as does not harm anyone and is within reason, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. For example, some men like owning a sex doll, and it is actually one of the fetishes that are constantly on the rise. More and more companies are making these dolls, and the latest ones are truly lifelike. For example, places like sodolls.com have a wide variety of models to choose from if that is something you enjoy.

5. Girlfriend/Wife Earning More

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One of the things most guys are afraid of is that their girlfriend or wife might be earning more money than them. Traditionally, the man was the head of the house, and their most important purpose when family life is concerned was to provide for their wife, who was usually a housewife who stays at home all day and looks after the children. Men brought money into the household, and women brought up children, cleaned, and cooked.

However, there have never been more opportunities for women to have their own careers, and a lot of them proved to be more efficient than men in some branches. Because of this, understandably, women want to have careers to so they sometimes earn more than their partners if they work better-paid jobs or at more successful companies. Men who experience this tend to think less of themselves and feel like they failed in life. In the era of equality, men should remember that it is no longer important who makes more money as long as you have a mutual family fund through which you can finance everything you want and love. If you are truly meant for each other and your relationship is strong, there should no be any boundaries based on finance.