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The Unusual Tourist Places: Calgary

Calgary is located in the province of Alberta that is known for its elevated prairies, the Rocky Mountains, and the Bow and Elbow rivers. Nature has created heaven here in Alberta with beautiful sights and endless lands. Calgary is the third most populated city in Canada with a population of 1.3 million people. This city experiences the biggest population growth outperforming even so well-known metropolises like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

But what do we know about Calgary? Not much. Do we know that it has its own Calgary casino online and you can click here to explore it? Or that this was the first Canadian city to host the Winter Olympic Games? The city of diverse interests has much to offer to its locals and visitors.

1. National Music Centre

Source: Studio Bell

People who love music will definitely find something in store for them in this museum. It does not have boring exhibitions. All you need is to listen to different music styles from one of the largest eclectic musical collection ranging from early musical instruments to the Rolling Stones.

2. Peace Bridge

Source: Wikipedia

This bridge is a piece of art as its webbed walls draw thousands of tourists to see it daily. This iconic bridge was built in the form of a puzzle scratched across the river to remind the citizens and the world that Calgary stays for peace.

3. Utility Box Art

Source: YouTube

This freedom of art is what probably defines Canada. But utility box art is what definitely shows Calgary’s culture. Local artists have turned the city’s utility boxes as wonderful three-dimensional canvases that changed the overall city look.

4. Calaway Park

Source: YouTube

If you are an adventurer with a mood to do some activities that would make your day, visit Calaway Park. This is a perfect amusement park that serves as a perfect place for the first date or a friends’ get-together.

5. Calgary Zoo

Source: Maclean’s

One of the most popular Calgary spots is its zoo. Forget about boring places you may have visited elsewhere. This place is where animals are well taken care of. It has tons of cool displays that work all year round.

6. Escape Room

Source: Daily Hive

Simple quests are in the past. Today, Calgary offers a new way to test your teamwork and cooperation and spend time with your friends. You and your partners have limited time to find a way from a locked room, but what would happen if you fail, it is for you to find out.

7. Free Spirit Dance

Source: freespiritdance.ca

Dancing is not everyone’s favorite, but you may change your mind if you take a Free Spirit Dance class. All you need is to forget about your shyness, grab your people and rock the stage. It is the best place to study some moves.

8. Village Ice Cream

Source: Village Ice Cream

Yes, it is probably the most awkward place to go if you are in the city for the first time. However, it is definitely worthy of your time. A wide variety of tastes, shapes, forms, and toppings will not leave you disappointed.

9. Heritage Park Historical Village

Source: Travel Alberta

This park allows you to explore the history of Calgary. Here it dates back to the 1850s when the city was well-known for its fur trade and other crafts. You can ride a horse and explore more than 100 years of history of the city.

10. Regal Cat Café

Source: Facebook

If you are a pet lover, Canada is for you, but Calgary especially. This was the first city to adopt a cat and dog-friendly culture so much that people even created cafes for pets. You can drink coffee while your little friend will have a perfect and tasty time.