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The 10 Best Destinations For A Biking Holiday

Are you an adventurous and sports person? Then your next vacation has to be in a biking destination! Going from side to side pedaling will allow you to discover many more places. Isn’t it better to see the landscapes outside than behind the car or bus window? We think so, that’s why we show you the most beautiful biking destinations, some are not so far from home!

1. From Berlin to Usedom – Germany

According to electric-biking.com, you need to find a suitable bike for this route that crosses the border to reach Poland, as the final destination is a wonderful island in the Baltic Sea that both countries share. It leaves the very center of the German capital, travels through its suburbs and the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania region until it reaches the border, crossing extensive meadows, large wooded areas with beautiful lakes and small cities and towns with historic churches.

It is better to do it in summer, since in fall and winter temperatures are extremely low in this area of Europe. In addition, there are many sections with shade and lakes to bathe along the road, which makes the summer route more bearable. Do not miss the Schorfheide-Chorin biosphere reserve (a moor formed in the Ice Age), the Mecklemburg Lakeland and the typically German villages that you will find.

Source: MetaEfficient

2. Renaissance, Italy

Italy is one of the European countries that has a greater artistic heritage. And what better way to discover it for a biking enthusiast than to do it by bike. A route that you can follow is the one that connects the cities of Mantua – classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO – with Verona, the medieval city that inspired Shakespeare to write Romeo and Juliet.

3. Loire – France

Another destination for biking is the Loire Valley, where the residences of the kings of France were located during the Renaissance. In this biking route, the important thing is not the amount of kilometers traveled, but to enjoy the surroundings and the wine.  Yes, that’s right, the Loire Valley is the largest wine region in France . With your bike you can go to a wine tasting or visit the impressive castles or picturesque villages.

It is registered in the UNESCO World Heritage and is one of the most beautiful places in France. Do not forget to inform yourself about the Loire à Vélo, it  is a biking route almost 800 km long that runs throughout the area.

4. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Visiting Amsterdam by bike should be mandatory. The Netherlands offers an ideal orography to enjoy biking routes with hybrid bike and if you don’t have one, check it out on this website. But its capital also awaits you with endless things to see and do. Amsterdam offers spectacular figures in terms of bike lane distances, as its over 4,000 kilometers ensure you can comfortably reach anywhere.

Tour the Jordaan neighborhood, visit Anne Frank’s house and enjoy the journey through the Vondelpark. But, do not hesitate, go further and get to know nearby areas such as the mills of Zaanse Schans A bike route that is a true delight!

Source: VisitPA

5. Mai Chau Route, Vietnam

The greenest Vietnam is called Mai Chau and, the good news is, you can cycle safely and pleasantly. With bike routes that reach up to 50 kilometers, you can get lost among rice fields and small villages, while enjoying that Vietnamese essence that increasingly costs more to find within the main tourist circuits that are usually carried out. If you can choose the date of this trip, aim: between September and October you can pedal and witness the rice harvest live.

6. United States

A country in which there is absolutely everything from vast desert extensions to lush forests. The United States has an immense network of roads that multiply the possibilities until they become practically endless for the cyclist. If you have to choose, we left with places like the Mojave Desert, Vermont, the Mississippi Riverbank, the Pacific Coast, the Dalton Highway (Alaska) or the north of Arizona.

7. Mont Ventoux, France

Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the death of Tom Simpson, on the ascent to Mont Ventoux during the 1967 Fancia Tour, a travel agency organizes a 5-day bike route from Sault (France) to the top of the mythical Gallic port. They are 78 kilometers per day with 2,200 meters of climbing the day that Mont Ventoux is crowned.

Source: Mayrhofen

8. Einsiedeln – Switzerland

It runs up to seven lakes and is ideal to get to know the beautiful Swiss country landscape. It’s long, doing the full route involves 7 days and 6 nights, but it’s worth it to see the wonders that the country of watches has to offer.

Travel Lake Constance – Thun, 270 km, if you follow the route you can make daily stages of between 35 and 36 km. You have to be fit, since there are slopes that require effort. It is better to make the route at the end of the summer, when it is not so hot anymore but it is still enough for you to bathe in each of the lakes.

9. Forests, castles and bikes, Germany

The Jura mountains in the background, the pine forests ahead and dozens of hills crowned by castles. This is the landscape offered by the region of Bavaria, in southern Germany. They are roads that cross forests and valleys bordering the rivers Danube, Altmuhl, Sulz and Schwarze Laber.

10. Copenhagen, Denmark

If you are not one of those who back down with the low temperatures, you should give Copenhagen the biking routes a chance. For the traveler, bike touring is an ideal way to enter the city, but for the local, the bike is almost a way of life . With its almost 400 kilometers of adapted roads, the vast majority of its inhabitants use this means of transport even during the cold winters.

It is unnecessary that you take your own bike, because there you will find different rental companies with which you will only need to approach the one you choose and activate it from your mobile phone. These have a GPS screen that will help you discover some essentials to see in Copenhagen such as the Little Mermaid sculpture, the port of Nyahavn or the Tivoli Gardens.

Source: VisitCopenhagen

The world has many more destinations for biking, but these are our favorites. What is yours?