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Suzy Berhow Net Worth 2024

You probably know Suzy Berhow under the name of Mortem3r. She is known for a lot of reasons because Suzy is cartoonist, animator, YouTuber, and actress. Berhow got famous after the web series named Game Grumps. Also, Suzy is famous for her show KittyKatGaming.

Stay tuned, read the article below, and you will find out details about Suzy Berhow’s life and career.

Early Life

Suzy Berhow was born in Orlando, Florida, the United States of America on 3rd July 1989. She has been secretive about her parents, so their names are not revealed. One of the facts that are known is that she has six children, and Suzy is the youngest one. Her brothers are Charlie, Matt, and Joey, and her sisters are Ginger and Jean.

Suzy attended high school in Orlando, but the names are still not known to the public eye.

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Professional Career

Before she started a career on YouTube, Berhow earned money from the modeling as she showed up in a lot of commercials and magazines. In 2007, she made a YouTube channel called Meeperfish. The Youtuber is very talented when it comes to the design and animations, so her first video was about that. Suzy’s channel got popular, and soon after, she collaborated with Danny, Jaxamoto, Oney, El-Cid, and Ross, which are famous names on YouTube.

Afterward, Berhow showed up in some animation series where she landed voice and also made animations. Also, she showed up in Table Flip and Steam Train.

In 2012, Suzy made a new You Tube channel with different topics. She created the channel named Mortem3r and posted videos about fashion and make-up. Videos with the most views were the clips with her cats and when her sister showed up.

At the same time, when Suzy is running Mortem3r, she is also in charge of the channel called KittyKatGaming. The videos on the channel are related to gaming, which is also her passion. Interestingly, some of the jobs she is doing together with her husband, Arin Hanson.


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Personal Life

When Suzy was 17 years old, she met Arin and soon after began to date. Arin Hanson is famous as a songwriter, cartoonist, Youtuber, comedian, and rapper. His YouTube name is Egoraptor. The couple got engaged in 2011, and in the next year, they got married. The love birds are in a happy marriage.

Suzy Berhow Net Worth 2024

Suzy Berhow’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be $1.5 million. However, she also shares a net worth of $6 million with her husband.